More than thirty-five years ago, Eisenhower Medical Center opened. A dream come true for a number of philanthropic community leaders who championed, organized and focused the community to build a not-for-profit health care facility deeply committed to serving the changing health care needs of our region, Eisenhower Medical Center provides excellence in patient care with supportive education and research.

From the beginning, this organization formed a culture based on strong values, commitments and a passion for service and professional excellence. Eisenhower Medical Center has developed a unique culture of Performance Excellence based on the Disney Institute's service model. Our motto is Healthcare As it Should Be and our goals are highly satisfied and loyal patients, physicians and employees.

Nursing Excellence


At Eisenhower Medical Center we believe that professional development should continue throughout a nursing career. Our Nursing Education Program provides ongoing support for our nurses at every stage of their careers. A Clinical Educator is assigned to each specialty area within the hospital. We offer a variety of continuing education programs including a monthly Nursing Grand Rounds series, independent study and on-line courses, skills labs, workshops and conferences. Many classes are offered free of charge, and there is generous tuition reimbursement for nurses enrolled in degree programs. Several times a year we invite a nationally known speaker to our campus.

In 2009, Eisenhower Medical Center began a journey toward MagnetTM certification through the Magnet Recognition Program®. With the goal of Magnet recognition, Eisenhower advances into new and exciting territory. Already, Eisenhower nurses are distinguished in their practice but we're ready to raise the bar and take the necessary steps to become Eisenhower Magnet nurses - a continuous journey that pursues excellence at every opportunity.


Eisenhower Medical Center has a long tradition of nursing excellence. Based on a practice of safety, clinical excellence and compassionate care,

Eisenhower nurses deliver nursing care from their hearts, their experience and their expertise.

Nursing is a unique profession — balancing clinical knowledge with human dignity; social work with pragmatism; and family dynamics with a clear mind. The demands of nursing are profound but the rewards of affecting, changing or saving a patient’s life are equally transforming. Eisenhower nurses work incredibly hard to the find balance in each unique situation.

The ultimate goal of Eisenhower’s nursing excellence is to achieve optimal patient outcomes through accountability, responsibility, collaboration and the professional development of each nurse. Supported by this framework, caring for our patients will continue to be a privilege.

Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence at Eisenhower medical Center is supported by a dynamic leadership team that values its employees, supports open communication, and maintains a consistency of purpose throughout the Medical Center. Their philosophy is to select employees well-suited to the organizational culture, structure initiatives that engage and empower employees to make a difference, design reward and recognition programs that increase employee morale and loyalty, and create communication strategies that engage employees. We believe that every Eisenhower employee will make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families, our physicians and to each other. We further believe that Performance Excellence fosters increased self esteem, job satisfaction and professional pride.


  • Safety - Ensure that our patients, their families, friends and our staff are always secure from harm or danger. (Joint Commission and other safety standards must be consistently complied with).
  • Clinical Excellence - Ensure that measured outcomes meet/exceed agreed upon expectations. Respected clinical practice policies, procedures and other standards are practiced 100% of the time. Tests, treatments, and procedures are thoroughly explained to patients and are understood.
  • Courtesy/Caring - Staff always practice good manners, are friendly, polite, and emotionally sensitive to each individual whether patient, family, visitor or fellow employee.
  • Healing Environment - A supportive setting is developed and maintained that embraces the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health and healing.
  • Efficiency - Services are provided effectively with a minimum of waste.

Desert Living


Eisenhower Medical Center is located on a 130-acre campus in Rancho Mirage, in an area of Southern California known as the Coachella Valley. Rancho Mirage could well be called "Paradise Found." Clean air, blue skies, crystal-clear desert nights, nearly year-round sunshine all contribute to exceptionally stress-free, resort-style living.

Framed by the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains, the area boasts an annual average of 350 days of sunshine, clear skies, clean air, breathtaking scenery, affordable housing, minimal traffic, excellent schools, superb dining and shopping, Broadway-caliber entertainment, two international film festivals, a variety of sporting events, and four-season recreational opportunities.

A two-hour road trip to Los Angeles or San Diego makes going to the beach or a metropolitan museum an easy trip. World famous for golf and tennis with luxury shopping and dining combined with affordable housing, the Coachella Valley is a southern California treasure.

It is not surprising that the Coachella Valley is one of the fastest growing areas in California. Eisenhower Medical Center is just over 10 miles from the resort city of Palm Springs and its international airport, and about a two-hour drive from the beaches of San Diego and Los Angeles.