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    Personal Belongings

    Personal Belongings

    Cellular Phones

    We ask that patients and visitors be mindful of cellular telephone use in the hospital, since phones can interfere with sensitive medical equipment. It is preferable that cell phones not be used.

    Personal Electrical Equipment

    For safety reasons, plug-in appliances (hair dryers or electric razors) are strongly discouraged. Should such an appliance be absolutely necessary, please contact your nurse who will arrange to have the equipment checked out for electrical safety by our Maintenance Department.

    Valuables and Personal Belongings

    If you brought any valuables such as a watch, jewelry and money, please arrange for a family member or friend to take them home for safekeeping. If no one can take them home for you, ask your nurse to place them in the hospital vault. The hospital cannot be responsible for patients' personal belongings or valuables. Dentures, hearing aids, and eyeglasses should be in protective cases when not in use.

    Vehicle Security

    You are encouraged not to leave your vehicle in the parking lot while hospitalized, since Eisenhower Medical Center assumes no liability for theft or damage. A family member or friend should arrange for your transportation to and from the hospital.