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5 Things

you can do right now as part of your wellness routine

Notice Nature
Take a moment to look at the sky, the clouds, the incredible mountains…even the smallest desert wildflowers in this beautiful Valley.

Read Before Bedtime
Give your mind a break from overstimulation. At least one hour before bedtime, turn off your electronic devices, open a good novel and read until you’re sleepy.

Make up a Short Children’s Story
Reactivate your imagination and create a short tale to tell your children or grandchildren or a neighbor’s child. Gestures and raised eyebrows will add to the fun.

Get Your Eyes Checked
Don’t miss out on the details in life. Make an appointment to have your eyes checked. If you’re over 40, consider reading glasses, too.

Try a New Vegetable
Ever wonder about the orange beets in the produce section? Expand your palate and take home a new vegetable or two. You might be pleasantly surprised.