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The Power of Modern Medicine- the Strength of the Human Spirit

G. Aubrey Serfling
G. Aubrey Serfling
 In this issue of Healthy Living, we focus on the Neuroscience Center of Excellence, exploring conditions of the spine, neck and brain in depth. Aches and pains are nothing new to most adults, but knowing when a condition requires a physician’s involvement can be challenging. The Physicians Roundtable on page 32 features an Eisenhower Neuroscience Institute neurosurgeon, a pain specialist and a neurologist who help explain the range of concerns that can occur in the neck — from muscle strain to severe impairments that require surgical intervention.

You will read the incredible story of William Lopez, whose brain condition was found quite literally by accident and whose subsequent health issues led him to Eisenhower Neuroscience Institute. His challenges are a reminder of the nature of being human and his successes remind us of the power of modern medicine and the strength of the human spirit.

Our Program Spotlight on page 46 features the Memory Assessment Center, a collaborative program of Eisenhower Medical Center, the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and the Alzheimer’s Association, California Southland Chapter. The program has reached new heights, and is the first of its kind in the country, with the introduction of telemedicine to help in the diagnosis of dementia.

Before the next issue of Healthy Living arrives in the fall, Eisenhower Medical Center will have welcomed its first group of physician residents to our School of Graduate Medical Education and Research. We look forward to introducing these physicians to the community this summer and sharing more with our readers in November. Whether you are a year-round resident or seasonal visitor, I encourage you to stay in touch with Eisenhower Medical Center any time on our Facebook page or via Health Notes, our monthly e-newsletter. You can sign up for Health Notes at

In good health,

G. Aubrey Serfling
President and Chief Executive Officer