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Spring 2010

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  • Milestones In Medicine - Spring is a time of change, a time of growth, and at Eisenhower Medical Center, we are growing. In January, the magnificent new Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros... more
  • Eisenhower and da Vinci Celebrate 100 - On January 20, 2010, Enrique Jacome,MD, Board Certified Gynecologist at Eisenhower Medical Center and his surgical team performed their 100th da Vinci hysterectomy,... more
  • Eisenhower Pathology—Top Technology - Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease using laboratory examinations of tissues, cells, and organ samples. Pathology researchers identify the origins of... more
  • A New Jewel In La Quinta - On January 22, 2010, the Coachella Valley celebrated the elegant, new Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center in La Quinta. A ribbon cutting ceremony, open... more
  • Bodyweight Exercising - If you want to incorporate strength training into your workout, but aren’t much for the fancy machines that come along with the process, you are in luck. You have... more
  • 5 Things - 1.  Get Some Shut EyeWe need seven to eight hours for maximum, but issues such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and frequent urination can keep you awake.  If you are... more
  • Brain Games - Just as our bodies can be improved with exercise, our brain fitness can be enhanced by taking on new and challenging activities such as playing piano or chess, learning... more
  • Maureen Strohn, MD - New at Eisenhower Medical Center, Maureen Strohm,MD has been a family physician for more than two decades, and most recently served as a faculty member at the University... more
  • Surindra Mitruka, MD - In December 2009, Eisenhower Medical CenterCardiothoracic Surgeon Surindra Mitruka,MDtraveled to China to lecture and demonstratesurgical Maze procedures for atrial... more
  • Dennis Frisman, MD - Dr.Dennis Frisman was pursuing his medical degree at the University of California, San Diego, when life intervened.“I got infectious mononucleosis and was examined by an... more
  • In The Blink Of An Eye - Cancer was just a six-letter word for Indio resident Sherry Kovas. It was not something she thought about, and not something she ever thought would be part of her life.... more
  • Skin Cancer - The vast majority of skin cancers are not potentially dangerous, although they can be disfiguring if not treated. There are three basic types of skin cancer: basal cell... more
  • Cancer Screening - Procedures for cancer screening, and guidelines on when screenings are most appropriate and effective, have been the source of extensive debate in the scientific... more