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May-Jun 2005

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  • Arthritis Medications Have Come a Long Way - Unlike the common cold, a pill and a teaspoon of syrup won’t wash away the pain of chronic arthritis. Arthritis pain, however, can be managed which is best done with a... more
  • Discovering What’s Right for You - In Type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels are high when the body is unable to produce enough insulin or respond to the action of insulin (insulin resistance). Most people... more
  • The Continuing Saga of GDNF - Anatural substance known as GDNF (Glial cell line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) has been found to help protect and maintain the health of the brain. In May 2003, an... more
  • Contributors May - Jun 2005 - Meredith Pellegrini, RD, BS Meredith V. Pellegrini, RD, BS, is a Registered Dietitian at Eisenhower Medical Center. She has been employed at Eisenhower for 11 years. She... more
  • Commitment to Care The Quest for Clinical Gold - You’ve come to the desert to take advantage of the lifestyle offered here, or simply for some fun in the sun. Unexpectedly you feel sick – really sick.Your... more
  • Eisenhower Medical Center – A Winning Combination - Situated on a 130-acre campus in the heart of the Coachella Valley, Eisenhower Medical Center is a dynamic, progressive, not-for-profit health care complex. The campus... more
  • Eisenhower Medical Center – A Winning Combination - A Mission To serve mankind with a selfless passion for excellence in patient care, research and education. Situated on a 130-acre campus in the heart of the Coachella... more
  • The DASH Diet - Approximately one in every four American adults has high blood pressure, a condition that is especially dangerous because it often gives no warning signs. However, if... more
  • Shape It Up: Lower Blood Pressure in 30 Minutes a... - With all that is known about hypertension these days, one would assume that those affected with the potentially fatal condition are taking the necessary steps to whip... more
  • An Elegant Jewel by the Sea: La Jolla - A relaxing alternative to bustling nearby San Diego is this tiny enclave that bejewels the Pacific like a nearly flawless diamond. La Jolla, known for its art... more
  • Finding Challenge and Reward in the ICU:... - During my medical training, my mentors taught me that the qualities of leadership and calmness are very important to being an effective critical care physician,” says... more
  • The Silent Killer - Hypertension - Hypertension is the most common reason for office visits of non-pregnant adults in the United States, and the most common cause for use of prescription drugs.The number... more
  • President’s Message May - Jun 2005 - I am deeply proud and excited to share that Eisenhower Medical Center was recently named among the 100 Top Hospitals® in the nation. The rating scored the more than... more
  • Pharmacy Boasts New Services, New Look - Everything is new at the Eisenhower Medical Center Pharmacy! New home delivery services, recent renovations and plans to implement a new system expediting the... more
  • A 100 Top Hospital The Insiders’ Perspective - On February 28, Eisenhower Medical Center received the distinction of becoming one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals®, among the group of the 6,000 hospitals in America... more
  • Serving the Community Mary Bono Praises... - A member of the prestigious Congressional Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health, Congresswoman Mary Bono (45th district) has long been a passionate... more
  • Home with a Heart to Benefit Barbara Sinatra... - In the spirit of barn raisings of yesteryear, a group of subcontractors organized by Family Development Group will build a home from foundation to completion in four... more
  • Event Photos - Eisenhower Community Heart Conference, National Nurses Week, 36th Annual Auxiliary Meeting, Eisenhower Wears Red for Women February 5, Second Annual Community Heart... more
  • Excellence in Care Guarding Against Sudden... - A lot has been said lately of the dangers of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have diagnosed heart disease.... more
  • Enhancing Safety Auxiliary’s Gift Saves Time…and... - Thanks to a generous gift by the Eisenhower Medical Center Auxiliary, patients needing imaging scans at Eisenhower’s Emergency Department no longer have to be wheeled to... more
  • Excellence in Care: Cancer Trials Offer Promising... - One of the ways that the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center is delivering on its promise to set the standard for excellence in cancer care is by ensuring... more
  • $8.3 Million & Climbing! - BIGHORN Golf Club celebrated Eisenhower Medical Center at a March 18 fundraising dinner with Event Chairs, Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman along with BIGHORN Chairman, R.D.... more