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  • Spring 2014
    Wheely Grateful - 03/07/2014 - Arthur Holmes, or Rick, as most people know him in Idyllwild, California, is an outdoor enthusiast. He loves hiking and has ridden mountain bikes and motorcycles for... more
  • Winter 2014
    Electrophysiology Procedure Cures Life-Limiting... - 01/01/2014 - Shawn Rob inson, 34, had occasional heart palpitations for as long as he could remember. “They’d last just a few seconds,” the Blythe resident says. “I thought it was... more
  • Fall 2013
    Eisenhower Auxiliary’s Five Star Gala - 11/01/2013 - Eisenhower Medical Center Auxiliary’s annual fund-raising dinner dance is scheduled for Saturday, December 7 at 6 p.m. at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa... more
  • Spring 2013
    Ocean Antics - 03/01/2013 - It happens every year — desert temperatures rise until most of us retreat indoors to exercise. We escape to the gym or the mall or to a pool that’s still cool. Or… we... more
  • Winter 2013
    White House Briefing On Cardiovascular Health - 01/01/2013 - In 2012, Eisenhower Cardiologist Charlie Shaeffer, Jr, MD met with senior White House officials as part of a discussion with community leaders who are actively involved... more
  • Fall 2012
    Eisenhower Neurosurgeon Corrects Devastating... - 11/01/2012 - In July 2011, a bus owned by a river rafting company ran off the side of the road and rolled onto its top as it slid down a steep embankment in southern Colorado. There... more
  • Spring 2012
    Premier Treatment and Full Spectrum Of Hip... - 03/01/2012 - For anyone struggling with chronic hip pain, the prospect of successful treatment is welcome news. Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center (EDOC) offers myriad options for... more
  • Winter 2012
    Leonore Annenberg Lecture Series - 01/01/2012 - John R. Seffrin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of the American Cancer Society® and its partner advocacy organization the American Cancer Society Cancer Action NetworkSM,... more
  • Fall 2011
    Luscious Lorraine - 11/01/2011 - For as long as she could remember, Lorraine Ornelas wanted to be a pastry chef. Growing up in the Bay Area, a mecca for some of the finest restaurants in the world,... more
  • Spring 2011
    Sleep Tight - 03/01/2011 - The comprehensive Eisenhower Sleep Disorder Center has recently been expanded and renovated. The Center now houses six fully equipped sleep rooms including a special... more
  • Winter 2011
    Wrist Surgery Offers Excellent Results For Common... - 12/01/2010 - A fracture of the distal radius, or wrist, is the most common fracture of the upper extremity and accounts for 17 percent of all fractures.“High energy injuries in the... more
  • Fall 2010
    Eisenhower and UCLA Partner - 09/01/2010 - It sounds like the stuff of science fiction — using a robot to perform surgery long-distance (what’s called “telesurgery”). Yet this amazing technology already exists,... more
  • Winter 2010
    Bob Hope Classic - 12/01/2009 - The 51st Annual Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament will be held January 18 to 24, 2010. This year, the tournament will be played at the La Quinta Country Club, the Palmer... more
  • Summer 2010
    New CT Scanner at Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center - 06/01/2010 - The Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center is a Center of Excellence providing a full range of advanced cardiac care services.Always renowned for its cutting-edge, advanced... more
  • Spring 2010
    Eisenhower Pathology—Top Technology - 03/01/2010 - Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease using laboratory examinations of tissues, cells, and organ samples. Pathology researchers identify the origins of... more
  • Summer 2009
    MOVING FORWARD WITH BACKS - 10/01/2009 - A shocking 85 percent of Americans will suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their lives. But, did you know that back pain is the second most common reason for... more
  • Fall 2009
    The Leo And Gloria Rosen Infusion Center - 09/01/2009 - When patients arrive at the Leo and Gloria Rosen Infusion Center at Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center for treatment, they enter a unique environment that combines... more
  • Nov-Dec 2002
    Mohammad Mojard M.D. - 11/01/2002 - Having suffered from asthma as a child, Dr. Mohammad “Mo” Mojarad knew he wanted to one day help others suffering like himself. He even dreamed of finding a... more
  • Winter 2009
    Stroke Care Excellence Award - 04/01/2009 - For the third consecutive year, Eisenhower Medical Center is the recipient of the prestigious HealthGrades Stroke Care Excellence Award™. HealthGrades® is a leading... more
  • Spring 2009
    The Art of High Tech Healing - 03/01/2009 - While approximately one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, only one in 35 will die of the disease—less than three percent. The overall five-year survival... more
  • Spring 2008
    5 Things - 03/01/2008 - 5 Things you can do right now as part of your wellness routine. Brain stimulation. While video games may feel like childs play, today’s high-tech brain games (like... more
  • Summer 2008
    Eisenhower Receives $316,000 Donation From Bighorn - 10/30/2008 - Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center was the beneficiary of the 2008 BIGHORN Behind a Miracle Golf Tournament (BAM), which raises money in support of breast cancer... more
  • Fall 2008
    THE FUTURE OF INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY IS HERE - 09/01/2008 - The future of neurological and vascular care for Coachella Valley residents is here. In an effort to enhance diagnosis and treatment of its patients, Eisenhower Medical... more
  • Winter 2007
    Breathing Easier - Pulmonary Rehabilitation... - 01/01/2008 - For patients suffering from chronic lung disease, pulmonary rehabilitation is like a breath of fresh air. Literally.Most clients of the Tamkin Cardiac and... more
  • Fall 2007
    The Genetic Link - 09/01/2007 - In every individual, an estimated 25,000 genes are interacting in concert. These are tiny chromosomal components that define our personalities, physical... more
  • Summer 2007
    Your Guide To Good Health - 06/01/2007 - 5 THINGS you can do right now as part of your wellness routine 1. Hydrate Your Body. Water not only quenches your thirst, it also helps maintain healthy skin, relieve... more
  • Spring 2007
  • Winter 2006
    Got Walking? - 11/01/2006 - Fresh air, full strides and good health are all reason enough to get outdoors and begin walking. One of the easiest, low-maintenance ways to exercise, walking is... more
  • Jul-Aug 2006
    Contributors - 07/01/2006 - Rosalind Elemy Rosalind Elemy, MA, RD, is a Registered Dietitian at Eisenhower Medical Center. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in... more
  • May-Jun 2006
    The Truth About TOFU - 05/01/2006 - What is tofu? Although tofu has been in the public eye for some time, following the rise in popularity of vegetarian and meatless diets, it’s amazing how little people... more
  • Mar-Apr 2006
    Eisenhower Cardiovascular Surgeon At Atrial... - 03/01/2006 - Eisenhower Cardiovascular Surgeon S. N. Mitruka, MD, was one of a select group invited to participate in the Atrial Fibrillation Leaders’ Summit in Minneapolis,... more
  • Mar-Apr 2005
    Metabolic Syndrome - Precursor to Diabetes - 03/01/2005 - It is estimated that as many as one in four Americans have a combination of metabolic disorders, known as metabolic syndrome, that increase their risk of heart disease,... more
  • Jan-Feb 2006
    When the Heart Races - 01/01/2006 - I felt like my heart was bouncing on my chest. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t lie down…my condition was very disabling and I was extremely exhausted. It didn’t matter what... more
  • Nov-Dec 2005
    “You, the Night and the Music” - 11/01/2005 - Come and experience a romantic evening under the stars to benefit cancer patients through Healing Harps – an Eisenhower Medical Center Arts in Healthcare Program that... more
  • Sep-Oct 2005
    Orthopedic Surgeon and Renaissance Man - 09/01/2005 - Robert Murphy, MD, Chairman of Desert Orthopedic Center, is a Renaissance man. Not only is he a well-respected orthopedic surgeon, but he also has a master’s degree in... more
  • Jul-Aug 2005
    Community Cancer Awareness Day - 07/01/2005 - April 9, Scott Burton (center), cancer survivor and inspirational speaker, takes time after his performance to talk with the audience at the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer... more
  • May-Jun 2005
    Event Photos - 05/01/2005 - Eisenhower Community Heart Conference, National Nurses Week, 36th Annual Auxiliary Meeting, Eisenhower Wears Red for Women February 5, Second Annual Community Heart... more
  • Sep-Oct 2004
    Breast Cancer Survivor - 03/01/2005 - When Lynn Peden and her husband Ernie finally moved to the desert full time in the fall of 1997, it was a draam realized. The two had their first date in Palm springs... more
  • Jan-Feb 2005
    Painless Blood Sugar Testing - 01/01/2005 - Is it truly possible to get an accurate reading of your blood sugar without first poking a hole in your finger? Apparently so. The SugarTrac™, by LifeTrac Systems, Inc.,... more
  • Jul-Aug 2004
    The Bionic Golfer - 07/01/2004 - Four knee injuries from football and skiing didn’t keep sixtytwo- year-old J.R. (James Richard) Delich off the golf course. Yet, a year ago this scratch player and... more
  • Mar-Apr 2004
    Surviving a Heart Attack: Sharon Cotterman Tells... - 03/01/2004 - Sixty-one-year-old Sharon Cotterman of Kansas City woke up at 2:30 a.m. on the morning of November 15, 2000, feeling nauseated and hot. She and her... more
  • Jan-Feb 2004
    Osteoarthritis: The Most Common Form of Arthritis - 01/01/2004 - You hear a lot about arthritis on television, in newspaper flyers, and in health care magazine ads. But did you know that there are more than 100 different... more