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  • Spring 2014
    Lung Cancer - 03/05/2014 - Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, accounting for 1.2 million new cases annually and is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the... more
  • Winter 2014
    Eisenhower Medical Center Reaccredited as Chest... - 01/01/2014 - Eisenhower Medical Center has again received full accreditation as a chest pain center from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC). Originally accredited in... more
  • Fall 2013
    GERD News! - 11/01/2013 - “I’d had indigestion for years,” says La Quinta resident Ginger Engle. “It probably started when I was in my thirties, and foods like coffee, chocolate and spicy foods... more
  • Spring 2013
    Barbara Sinatra and Mary Hart- An Intimate... - 03/01/2013 - In April, the Junior League Sustainers of the Coachella Valley and the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center at Eisenhower will partner to recognize National Child Abuse... more
  • Winter 2013
    Five Things You Can Do Right Now As Part Of Your... - 01/01/2013 - 1. Plan a Homemade Pizza Party Invite some friends and ask everyone to bring a favorite topping and drink to share. Give awards for most creative and best tasting... more
  • Fall 2012
    ETHIOPIA - 11/01/2012 - Family physicians Maureen Strohm, MD and Noemi “Mimi” Doohan, MD recently returned from volunteer medical mission trips to southern Ethiopia. Unlike missions that only... more
  • Spring 2012
    The Origional Renaissance Pleasure Faire - 03/01/2012 - Two important celebrations rooted in early English history will be observed in 2012. If you are not attending Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee (celebrating 60 years... more
  • Winter 2012
    Visionaries - 01/01/2012 - Eisenhower was founded 40 years ago by a special group of people who saw the need for a top quality hospital in the center of the Valley. Now a fully integrated Medical... more
  • Fall 2011
    Boning Up on Metastatic Disease - 11/01/2011 - Breast cancer is the most common site of origin for metastatic disease, or the spread of the disease to the skeleton — most commonly to the spine, pelvis or long bones.... more
  • Spring 2011
    Earthly Delights - 03/01/2011 - Visitors to the Aquarium of the Pacific during its 11th annual Earth Day Celebration, A Celebration of Our Ocean Planet, April 9 and 10, 2011, will learn what they can... more
  • Winter 2011
    The New Green - 03/17/2011 - The Chinese have known of the health benefits of drinking green tea since ancient times. It was used medicinally to treat many ailments such as headaches and depression.... more
  • Fall 2010
    The Healing Harp - 09/01/2010 - For centuries, the harp has been used to soothe, calm and relieve anxiety.Harps were actually used in Europe during the Middle Ages by monks who would play special music... more
  • Winter 2010
    Mediterranean Style - 12/01/2009 - After the age of 55, the chance of having a stroke nearly doubles for each decade of life. The good news is that medical studies suggest that by making simple lifestyle... more
  • Summer 2010
    Eisenhower Auxiliary Annual Meeting - 06/01/2010 - The Eisenhower Medical Center Auxiliary was founded 41 years ago by Dolores Hope, wife of legendary entertainer Bob Hope and a founding member of the Eisenhower Medical... more
  • Spring 2010
    Alcohol Awareness Hour Speaker Series - 03/01/2010 - This special presentation showcases the astonishing story of the genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous — the magnum opus of Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith that has saved... more
  • Summer 2009
    EISENHOWER OPENS NEW CENTER OF EXCELLENCE - 07/01/2009 - Eisenhower Medical Center opened E its new Center of Excellence, the Eisenhower Neuroscience Institute, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 20, 2009. Eisenhower... more
  • Fall 2009
    The Royal Treatment - 09/01/2009 - Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to ring in 2010? How about five simultaneous parties, an extravagant over-water fireworks display and balloon drop at midnight, ship-wide... more
  • Nov-Dec 2002
    Eisenhower Designated Primary Stroke Center - 07/01/2009 - Eisenhower Medical Center has been designated a Certified Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission. Eisenhower is the first hospital in Riverside and San Bernardino... more
  • Winter 2009
    Eisenhower Physicians and Patients Stay Connected - 04/01/2009 - T he Internet has long been an indispensable tool in the medical community, providing health care professionals with online access to the latest research, journal... more
  • Spring 2009
    Advances in Radiation Therapy - 03/01/2009 - Half of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy for at least part of their cancer treatment. Radiation therapy is defined as treatment of disease with ionizing... more
  • Spring 2008
    The Picture of Health - 03/01/2008 - As an Eisenhower Medical Center patient, Cash Baxter was definitely in the spotlight, although it was not quite the kind to which he was accustomed. His emotional... more
  • Summer 2008
    Anneli Hanna, MD - 10/31/2008 - In a plot of land in Rancho Mirage that is shaped like and actually called “The Teardrop,” sit the private offices of Anneli Hanna, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist and... more
  • Fall 2008
    Charles and Toni Peebler - 09/01/2008 - When Charles “Chuck” Peebler attended the recent wedding of his assistant Kelly, he and the bride shared a celebratory dance as more than 100 friends and family looked... more
  • Winter 2007
    George L. & Julia Argyros - A $20 Million Gift... - 01/01/2008 - George and Julia Argyros’ recent gift of $20 million to Eisenhower Medical Center has enabled a vision to become a reality in the form of the Eisenhower George... more
  • Fall 2007
    The Lisfranc Injury: Fixing the Feeble Foot - 09/01/2007 - Firefighter Jerry Salmeron’s foot trauma is technically known as a Lisfranc fracture. It is a complex and often misdiagnosed foot injury requiring immediate diagnosis... more
  • Summer 2007
    Eisenhower’s Mahapatra Named President of... - 06/01/2007 - Eisenhower Medical Center Obstetrician and Gynecologist S. Ava Mahapatra, MD, FACOG was installed as President of Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA) on January... more
  • Spring 2007
    President Gerald R. Ford - 03/01/2007 - The Eisenhower Medical Center family joined the nation in mourning Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States, who died peacefully at his Rancho Mirage home on... more
  • Winter 2006
    Your Guide To Good Health: The Benefits Of... - 11/01/2006 - If there’s one thing we have in abundance here in the valley, it’s swimming pools. All shapes and sizes, pools exemplify an activity of utter relaxation, cool... more
  • Jul-Aug 2006
    Arthritis Update - 07/01/2006 - The Centers for Disease Control estimate that one in three American adults is affected with arthritis or some other joint disorder.More than 43 million Americans have... more
  • May-Jun 2006
    Carmelita Sese - 05/01/2006 - When Carmelita Sese came to the United States in 1985, she came looking for a better life than the one she left behind in the poor farming village tucked away in the... more
  • Mar-Apr 2006
    The California Poppy - 03/01/2006 - The contrast is inescapable, like a single note floating above the orchestra, a solo voice that expands and leads the way to a burst of sound from the entire violin... more
  • Mar-Apr 2005
    Exercise and Blood Sugar - 03/01/2005 - Even gardening can lower the level of blood sugar in the body. People who have diabetes are often encouraged to exercise. There are many benefits that... more
  • Jan-Feb 2006
    Charming, Eclectic Old Towne Orange - 01/01/2006 - Billed as the “Antique Capital of California,” Old Towne Orange beckons visitors from all over suburban Orange County and Southern California to stroll its charming... more
  • Nov-Dec 2005
    Cigarette Smoking Linked to Type 2 Diabetes - 11/01/2005 - According to an article in the October issue of Diabetes Care, cigarette smokers are nearly three times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than non-smokers. In a... more
  • Sep-Oct 2005
    Apples and Art in Oak Glen - 09/01/2005 - The foothill area of the inland empire of San Bernardino is close to the desert, yet a “history” away in agrarian offerings.Take a leisurely day trip and discover its... more
  • Jul-Aug 2005
    IT’S MORE THAN A NAME Eisenhower Urgent Care... - 07/01/2005 - It’s the “urgent” in Eisenhower Urgent Care Center that sets it apart from a visit to a primary physician. And the Eisenhower Urgent Care Center has adjusted its hours,... more
  • May-Jun 2005
    The DASH Diet - 05/01/2005 - Approximately one in every four American adults has high blood pressure, a condition that is especially dangerous because it often gives no warning signs. However, if... more
  • Sep-Oct 2004
    Get Moving - 09/10/2004 - Get Moving
  • Jan-Feb 2005
    Contributors - 01/01/2005 - Michael D. Landes Michael D. Landes is the President of the Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation and through December 2004 served as the Chief Executive Officer of the... more
  • Jul-Aug 2004
    The Bionic Golfer - 07/01/2004 - Four knee injuries from football and skiing didn’t keep sixtytwo- year-old J.R. (James Richard) Delich off the golf course. Yet, a year ago this scratch player and... more
  • Mar-Apr 2004
    Abnormal Sweating Among Parkinson’s Patients - 03/01/2004 - Although many of us think of Parkinson’s disease as a medical disorder that causes shaking of the limbs, stiffness and slowness of movement, it can also cause other... more
  • Jan-Feb 2004
    Osteoarthritis: The Most Common Form of Arthritis - 01/01/2004 - You hear a lot about arthritis on television, in newspaper flyers, and in health care magazine ads. But did you know that there are more than 100 different... more