Salary, Benefits and Perks


PGY - 1 $52,500 Annually
PGY - 2 $59,000 Annually
PGY - 3 $65,500 Annually

Benefits Overview

Eisenhower Medical Center offers employees a generous benefits package available on the 1st day of employment including:

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Perks Overview

Eisenhower Medical Center offers additional incentives to our residents. These include:


Health and Wellness Programs
Eisenhower Medical Center’s health and wellness programs are available to employees. Our staff may use the Renker Wellness Center free of charge while spouses and domestic partners may enjoy the use of the facility for a nominal monthly fee. Personalized weight training programs, body composition testing, and aerobic fitness programs are available. We also provide nutritional counseling and health lectures through our Eisenhower Indian Wells Healthy Living Resource Center.

Ongoing Recognition of Outstanding Achievements
Employee recognition programs include annual Longevity Service Award banquets, financial bonuses, monthly birthday celebrations, and the Pat on the Back on-the-spot employee recognition, and the Good to Great and Precious Metals Collection programs recognize entire departments for achieving outstanding patient satisfaction. Monthly, the Jackie Lee Houston Shining Star Awards are presented to those who are recognized for outstanding performance in our five Supporting Commitments: Safety; Clinical Excellence; Courtesy/Caring; Healing Environment and Efficiency.