Internal Medicine Residency Goals

The Eisenhower Internal Medicine Training Program is designed to provide broad-based clinical training, with an emphasis on preparation, for comprehensive primary care and hospitalist medicine. The goal of our program is to assist residents in developing the competencies necessary to become outstanding comprehensive internists, capable of managing diverse patients with a broad range of diseases. Residents are given guidance and advice to develop their careers, achieve scholarship, and assure competencies needed for the next steps of their careers.

One of the unique features of the program is the balance between inpatient and outpatient experiences. Second and third year residents enjoy an innovative schedule that allows for a focused exposure to both inpatient and ambulatory medicine. Residents on ambulatory blocks benefit from close collaboration with community-based primary care and subspecialty faculty. During these rotations, residents build skills in office-based diagnosis and treatment, while managing diverse continuity practices. Residents on inpatient rotations enjoy graded responsibilities, with first year residents providing much of the direct patient care, and second and third year residents assuming increased responsibility for teaching, supervision and mastery of medical knowledge. A strong ethic of collegiality and support pervades both ambulatory practices and inpatient teams.

Inpatient training is centered at the newly expanded Eisenhower Medical Center. The Eisenhower Medical Center is very highly rated by our patients as a primary, secondary and tertiary care facility. Patients referred are often of a very complex nature but because of the large staff of Eisenhower primary care physicians, we also see a substantial number of common community diseases. Planned outside rotations at a large, inner city County Hospital provide residents with the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population and practice in a different healthcare system.

By the end of the residency: