Eisenhower Primary Care 365

Eisenhower Primary Care 365 is a medical practice dedicated to continuous communication with our patients. Our physicians and care team are available to serve the needs of our patients. Communication between patients and physicians occurs through face to face visits either in the office (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM), by telephone, or in your home online - day or night- 365 days a year . Your relationship with your Eisenhower Primary Care 365 physician will be unlike any you have had before, with regular communication and unprecedented access that allows you to build a trusted and valued relationship together.

Our Commitment to You

Eisenhower Medical Center wants Eisenhower Primary Care 365 to be a valuable program to all of its members. We are committed to providing you with the quality of care you expect and value from Eisenhower. Our goal is not only to offer each patient extended face-to-face appointment times with your physician, but also continual communication and increased access to the physician of your choice. On a regular basis, we will request your valuable feedback about your experiences with Eisenhower 365.

Our physicians are dedicated not just to your immediate needs but to working closely together with you, focusing on prevention and wellness to maximize your health and quality of life. Office visits, tests and referrals to specialists will be billed to you or your insurance just as they are in a traditional medical practice. Not only do we accept Medicare and PPO insurance plans, we will also bill for your visits.

Eisenhower Primary Care 365

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The Benefits of Eisenhower 365 include:

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