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  • Health Care in the Family (Medicine) Way

    Eighteen months ago, Cynthia Rodriguez and her husband, Aldo Hernandez, were thrilled to welcome their son Aldo, Jr. into their lives. Like most new parents, they wanted the best care possible for their son. When Aldo, Jr. was just five days old, Rodriguez arrived at the Center for Family Medicine at Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center in La Quinta for her son’s first newborn wellness checkup. Her chosen physician was Kinder Fayssoux, MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine.“I really like Dr. Fayssoux,” says Rodriguez. “She makes it easy to ask any question. And my son really likes her.”As a medical assistant at Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center, Rodriguez works full time. She is impressed with how hard the Family Medicine office works to arrange appointments to fit her schedule.“They’re very accommodating,” explains Rodriguez. “My husband works until about 4 p.m. most days and I try to make appointments for Mondays or Thursdays when the doctor for whom I work is... click for more


  • FIVE Things You Can Do Right Now As Part of Your Wellness Routine

    1. Enjoy a Dairy-Free Smoothie
    Try delicious almond or coconut milk (unsweetened) in your next fruit smoothie.

    2. Visit a Favorite Friend
    Arrive with fresh flowers and brighten your day with good conversation.

    3. Reorganize Your Dresser Drawers
    Donate unwanted and unused clothing, and organize the items you keep. click for more
  • The Doctor and The Dame - Redefining the Patient-Physician Relationship

       If you look up engaged patient in the dictionary, you’re likely to see a picture of 84-year-old Dorothy Nocita — self-proclaimed Dame Dorothy. As someone who takes personal responsibility for her health care needs and works toward being the healthiest she can be, she embodies the meaning of the term.
       “I really feel that my responsibility is to be an advocate for my health,” the Palm Springs resident and retired reference librarian says. “My goal is to be the best I can be for as long as possible. I owe it to my husband and my children.
       “I’m almost missionary-like when it comes to the importance of people involving themselves in wellness, and not putting up with conventional medicine that doesn’t agree with their needs,” she continues. “That’s why I think the 365 program is brilliant.”  click for more

  • Eisenhower Wound Care Center

    A Dynamic, Comprehensive Approach to Healing

       Imagine having a wound that won’t heal for months, even years. For an estimated three to five million Americans every year, that’s a reality. And it often means a life of chronic pain, limited mobility and untold distress.
       The good news, however, is that if you or someone you know has a wound that isn’t healing, expert care is available.
       The Eisenhower Wound Care Center not only provides the most advanced therapies available for healing, but its team of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals also address the underlying cause of the wound to prevent it from recurring. The Center is the only hospital-based, physician-directed facility of its kind in the valley. click for more

  • Eisenhower Resident Receives International Award

        Michael Bogoyevac, MD, helped diagnose and treat a wide range of patient conditions in his first year as a Family Medicine Resident Associate Physician at Eisenhower’s Center for Family Medicine in La Quinta. One patient case, however, was so rare that Dr. Bogoyevac’s comprehensive approach led to an impressive third place award at the Multidisciplinary European Endovascular Therapy (MEET) Congress in Nice, France this summer. click for more