Sep-Oct 2005

Get Moving

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  • Gout – Not just an illness for the wealthy - Gout was long considered the illness of the “wealthy,” since attacks of the disease were thought to occur after overindulging in rich food and drink. It is true that a... more
  • Desert Diabetes Alert Program - Type 2 diabetes can be prevented. The Diabetes Prevention Program – a major, 27-center clinical trial, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health – studied more than... more
  • Falling and Parkinson’s Disease - Parkinson’s disease may cause a variety of symptoms, and one of the striking aspects of this disorder is that no two people are affected in the same way. This wide... more
  • Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center - Eisenhower Medical Center has a long-standing reputation for excellent patient care across the broad spectrum of medical disciplines – the quality of care that is the... more
  • Exercise – It’s Good For Your Joints - There are many benefits to exercise including a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol level, strength and functionality levels, cardiovascular endurance,... more
  • Contributors - Derek Spinney, PT, CSCS Derek Spinney, Director of Rehabilitation Services, Eisenhower Medical Center, has 21 years of experience in the field of Physical Therapy... more
  • Eisenhower Helps the “Rocket” Soar High - Aside from his innate talent for hitting a tennis ball over a net, the “Rocket” – as he was called as a scrawny teen growing up in the Australian bush – was also known... more