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  • Eat For Health: Arthritis and Nutrition

    The rigors of arthritis can sometimes seem unbearable. Joint pain and stiffness tend to impede movement and heighten the overall sense of discomfort and frustration. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill or potion to cure arthritis or forever rid the... click for more
  • Painless Blood Sugar Testing

    Is it truly possible to get an accurate reading of your blood sugar without first poking a hole in your finger? Apparently so. The SugarTrac™, by LifeTrac Systems, Inc., may be near to United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. This... click for more
  • Parkinson’s Disease and Vision

    The typical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are well known — tremor, stiffness, slowness of movement, and sometimes, a sense of imbalance while walking. Unfortunately, as those who suffer from the disease can tell you, there are other problems that... click for more
  • Contributors

    Michael D. Landes Michael D. Landes is the President of the Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation and through December 2004 served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Annenberg Center for Health Services at Eisenhower. A graduate of Stanford... click for more
  • Being Healthy Is The Good Life!

    Golf legend Arnold Palmer met with Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation President Michael Landes to discuss Arnie’s own experiences with prostate cancer, his personal relationship with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and his longstanding ties to the... click for more
  • The Arnold Palmer Prostate Center

    When the Arnold Palmer Prostate Center at Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center celebrates its grand opening in mid-January, men in the Coachella Valley and the entire nation will have a specialized prostate cancer treatment center that offers an... click for more
  • Nutrition and Cancer

    There is a wealth of research available today on the effect of diet and nutrition on physical health. In general, it is believed that a balance of healthful foods combined with regular physical activity decreases life-long cancer risk as well as... click for more
  • Lymphedema: What Is It?...And What Can Be Done About It?

    LYMPHEDEMA IS THE CHRONIC SWELLING OR FEELING OF TIGHTNESS IN THE ARM, HAND OR LEG DUE TO AN ACCUMULATION OF LYMPHATIC FLUID IN THE SOFT TISSUE OF THE ARM. Lymphatic System To better understand what lymphedema is, let’s first discuss the lymph... click for more
  • Murthy V. S. Andavolu, MD

    This is my passion,” says Murthy V. S. Andavolu, MD, a Board Certified Medical Oncologist in solo practice in Rancho Mirage, referring to cancer care. “Cancer is something that cannot always be completely cured, but the patient can be cared for. And... click for more
  • Sudden Cardiac Death

    Each year, about 340,000 people die of coronary artery disease without being hospitalized or admitted to an emergency department. Most of these are sudden deaths caused by cardiac arrest. Healthy Living magazine assembled three prominent physicians... click for more
  • Grapefruit Festival

    The drive from our desert to the tiny town of Borrego Springs is a reminder of our valley’s agricultural treasures, from majestic date groves and fruit stands past Thermal to grove upon grove of sweet-smelling citrus. A bend in the road just before... click for more