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  • New Options for Diabetes

    This summer, a new concept for the treatment of diabetes will be released consisting of synthetic hormones to treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes — “helper hormones” known as Byetta® and Symlin®, designed to lower blood sugar. Byetta is a synthetic... click for more
  • The On and Off of Parkinson’s Disease, Part 2

    In part one of “The On and Off of Parkinson’s Disease,” Healthy Living magazine defined the terms on and off as they relate to Parkinson’s — on referring to the state when medication is working, and off when it isn’t, creating dramatic swings in... click for more

    Eisenhower Gala a Huge Success by J. Tracy Hermann It was a magical night, with a crystal-clear sky overhead and the aromas of a springtime desert wafting on air — a night that not only “reached for the stars”…it lovingly embraced them. On March... click for more
  • Carmelita Sese

    When Carmelita Sese came to the United States in 1985, she came looking for a better life than the one she left behind in the poor farming village tucked away in the Philippine countryside. At 15, she had already endured a lifetime of hardship and... click for more
  • Charlene Hankal

    Their house in Modesto, California, sits at the end of a long, paved road, surrounded by acres and acres of almond trees. Cold, foggy winters and hot summers provide the setting for one of the best almond-growing regions in the world. Squawking... click for more
  • The Truth About TOFU

    What is tofu? Although tofu has been in the public eye for some time, following the rise in popularity of vegetarian and meatless diets, it’s amazing how little people really know much about this tender, chewy substance. Tofu, also known as soybean... click for more
  • Alphabet Soup

    Okay, so you’ve taken the first step and decided to start that exercise program you’ve managed to put off forever. You’ve even decided to find a personal trainer — that miracle worker who will not only design a program, but also carefully observe... click for more
  • Santa Monica

    Santa Monica, always considered a snappy little beach community, has developed into a major tourist attraction, rivaling its big sister, Los Angeles. Becoming one of the main acts in a theater of Southern California destinations, Santa Monica stands... click for more
  • Quinten VanderWerf, MD

    In the VanderWerf family, practicing medicine isn’t just a vocation. It’s a family tradition that began in Holland, involving aunts and uncles and parents and grandparents. The children born into the family are never pressured to become anything in... click for more
  • President’s Message May-Jun 2006

    It is my great honor to announce the inaugural presentation of the Eisenhower Medical Center Spirit of Giving award, designed to honor individuals whose commitment to Eisenhower has had an indelible impact on supporting all that we do. Leonore... click for more
  • Keeping Our Patients Safe

    Whenever the paramedics are called, or when a person is admitted to a hospital, one of the challenges facing them, their families and the medical workers is the need to correctly — and immediately — communicate a list of current medications. This... click for more
  • Developer Peter Solomon Donates Two Million Dollars

    On Friday, March 17, Peter Solomon, President and Owner of Regency Homes, announced his two million dollar donation to Eisenhower Medical Center. The largest business contribution ever to Eisenhower, it will include an in-kind amount designated for... click for more
  • A Tribute to Eisenhower Nurses

    In 1982, the United States Congress designated May 6 to be “National Recognition Day for Nurses.” Expanded to a full week in 1990 by the American Nursing Association, the celebration begins on May 6 and ends on May 12, the birthday of ... click for more
  • Eisenhower Chairman Honored

    In honor of his commitment to health care and community, the California Hospital Association has announced it will bestow its prestigious Leadership in Governance Award to Harry M. Goldstein, Chairman of the Board at Eisenhower Medical... click for more
  • Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center Utilizes Mobile Training Unit

    Virtual surgical implant labs — cutting-edge technology that simulates diagnostic and treatment challenges using virtual patients and virtual fluoroscopy (a technique for obtaining X-ray images) — offer the realities of an actual case but without... click for more
  • Eisenhower’s Power Plant Recognized for Innovation

    Eisenhower Medical Center and LSW Engineers California, Inc. have recently been recognized with a Merit Award from Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California for the construction of Eisenhower’s innovative cogeneration power... click for more

    Elected by his peers, Stephen Steele, DO, FAOASM (Fellow American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine) will serve as President of the Medical Staff of Eisenhower Medical Center for 2006 through 2007. Eisenhower’s Dr. Steele is an osteopathic... click for more
  • National Hospital and Healthcare Week

    It was the flu epidemic of 1918 that would set the stage for a newfound interest in American hospitals. Until then, hospitals were unfamiliar and mostly feared by the population at large. In the aftermath of the flu epidemic with its more than... click for more

    Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center DAY OF CARING…ABOUT WOMEN AND CANCER was held on March 31 at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower. With a focus on cancer prevention, detection and treatment, the annual event featured... click for more