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    Rosalind Elemy Rosalind Elemy, MA, RD, is a Registered Dietitian at Eisenhower Medical Center. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from Michigan State University and her Master’s Degree in Nutritional ... click for more
  • For The Love Of Tennis

    It stands against the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains like a giant bowl gleaming in the sun, a spectacular stadium for a home-town, world-class event. Spread across 84 acres, the Indian Wells Tennis Garden hosts the world’s fifth largest tennis... click for more
  • Advancing Eisenhower through Philanthropy and Annual Giving

    What could be more perfect than life in the desert? While we desert types have come to know and appreciate the beauty of this oasis we call home, it wasn’t long ago that the Coachella Valley’s resort-oriented cities were agricultural fields or... click for more
  • Sports Medicine Program

    It’s pretty simple. We aren’t pretzels or Gumby dolls and most of us can’t dance like Baryshnikov. But we do enjoy a brisk game of tennis or a round of golf or other activity several times a week.And although we may not be on the cusp of breaking... click for more
  • Eating Smart While Dining Out

    During the past twenty years there has been a shift toward Americans eating more meals away from home. Concurrently, there has been a dramatic rise in the prevalence of obesity in the United States.About 65 percent of American adults meet the... click for more
  • Joint Protection

    Joint protection is the practice of using the joints of the body in ways to reduce stress, pain and deformity while performing daily activities. There are a few basic concepts that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine, which will... click for more
  • Del Mar - A Feast for the Senses

    There really is nothing like standing at the water’s edge, digging your toes into the sand and staring into an abyss of endless blue sky, salty waves and sun. A day at the beach is probably the simplest way to send yourself on vacation, and all... click for more
  • Michael Last, MD

    Mention sailing and his eyes brighten. He smiles and you can almost feel the cool breeze in the bay, water splashing across the bow and the familiar “come about,” directing you to move to the other side of the boat. A seagull squawks and you’re off,... click for more
  • Arthritis Update

    The Centers for Disease Control estimate that one in three American adults is affected with arthritis or some other joint disorder.More than 43 million Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis, and half of those affected are 65 years of age or... click for more
  • President’s Message

    It is my privilege to have two former world-class tennis professionals, Peggy Michel and Raymond Moore in the pages of Healthy Living. Ms. Michel is a three-time Grand Slam tennis champion, and Mr. Moore was the number eight ranked singles player in... click for more
  • When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

    As an orthopedic nurse at Eisenhower Medical Center, Debi Gardner, RN, counseled many patients preparing to undergo the challenges of a knee or hip replacement, never once stopping to think that she might one day need a joint replacement herself. ... click for more
  • The Tennity Emergency Department
    Breaking New Ground

    On the warm, sunny day of April 27, Marilyn Tennity and a host of Eisenhower Medical Center officials broke ground on the $21 million construction and renovation of the Emergency Department. The current space will increase in size from 16,800 square... click for more
  • Eisenhower Physician, One of Only Four U.S. Physicians,

    During the spring bloom of cherry blossoms, April 10 to 14, S. N. Mitruka, MD, Board Certified Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Eisenhower Medical Center, traveled to Morioka, Japan, to speak at the Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery 36th Annual... click for more
  • Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center

    Little did our predecessors know that in the year 2006, getting a joint replacement — a procedure once considered quite complicated and dramatic — would be almost as easy as a jaunt to the local ice cream parlor for a quick treat. Although... click for more
  • A Distinguished History of Giving

    In November 1969, Dolores Hope, one of the founders of Eisenhower Medical Center, invited a group of women to her Palm Springs home to talk about forming the Eisenhower Ladies Auxiliary. Their response was enthusiastic, bylaws were written, and... click for more
  • New Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Clinic

    Fine Needle Aspiration biopsy (FNA) is the method by which cells are collected for the purpose of detecting cancer, infection and a variety of other medical conditions. A Board Certified physician, with expertise in cytopathology (the study of... click for more
  • Eisenhower Chest Pain Center Receives Full Accreditation

    Eisenhower Medical Center recently received full accreditation as a Chest Pain Center by the Society of Chest Pain Centers and is one of only three hospitals in California to receive this accreditation. The Society of Chest Pain Centers is a... click for more
  • Assemblyman Benoit Presents
    2006 Notable Nurse Awards

    Capping a weeklong celebration that honored National Nurses Week, Assemblyman John Benoit, 64th District, hosted a breakfast and presented the 2006 Notable Nurse Awards,May 12, at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower.... click for more