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  • The Clear Choice

    There is a reason that more people choose the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center for all of their cancer care when facing the diagnosis — Cancer. It simply is the best. The Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center treats 20 percent of all cancer... click for more
  • Imaging and Breast Cancer Detection

    Breast cancer is the most common non-skin malignancy among women in the United States, second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer-related death. In 2006, approximately 212,920 women in the United States were expected to be diagnosed with... click for more
  • Close to Home

    WHEN MICHAEL AND STEPHANIE LANDES WERE EACH DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER, FAMILY AND FRIENDS — AND EISENHOWER — HELPED THEM TRIUMPH Not a disease typically associated with youth, cancer is always a shocking diagnosis, and more unusual in younger people.... click for more
  • Healthier Recipes For Cancer Prevention

    Tasty food is one of the great pleasures of life and it isn’t necessarily incompatible with good health. With a little imagination and creativity we can modify our favorite dishes while still retaining the flavor and texture. Here are some ideas... click for more
  • President’s Message Nov-Dec 2006

    It is my great pleasure to introduce the new Healthy Living magazine. After a recent reader survey, Healthy Living emerges with a fresh new design to inform, inspire and educate our readers in our quarterly publication. One of our brand new... click for more
  • Got Walking?

    Fresh air, full strides and good health are all reason enough to get outdoors and begin walking. One of the easiest, low-maintenance ways to exercise, walking is something you can do alone or with friends; you can begin slow and gradually increase... click for more
  • It’s all About The Patients

    The Leo and Gloria Rosen Infusion Center at Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center brings a deep caring and humanity, coupled with the highest standards of excellence, to each and every patient. It’s like you’re a part of a family. They all know you... click for more
  • Euthym Kontaxis, MD - An Extraordinary Life

    He laughs easily, smiles often and holds up a family photo while sharing stories about his wife Krisann and three boys. Describing himself as part of a typical immigrant Greek family, he exudes the basic principles of his life: church,... click for more
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward

    The foot is a complex structure consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, skin and soft tissue that work together to provide our bodies with support, balance and mobility. The average person... click for more
  • Alcohol-free Beverages For The Holidays

    Does alcohol mix with your holiday plan? For people with diabetes, drinking alcohol is truly a balancing act. Recent research points to both health risks and health benefits, based on several factors. One of the most important factors in... click for more
  • New Treatments, Better Results

    In July of this year, two more medications for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD) became available. Rasagiline, known by the trade name Azilect®, and a new formulation of selegiline, called Zelapar® , arrived in pharmacies.... click for more
  • Oh, the Wine You Will Find in Temecula!

    Once upon a time, there was a sleepy little town called Temecula, a blink’s worth of gas stations and a diner or two. But at some point in the 1980s, people started noticing Temecula’s wide open spaces and affordability, and it grew by... click for more
  • Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary

    In the early 1980s, after volunteering for a child therapy group that held meetings at various local churches, Barbara Sinatra became convinced of the need for a permanent center to provide services for the victims of child abuse. In 1986, Barbara... click for more
  • Masters In The Art Of Medical Education

    Words,” said Rudyard Kipling, “are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Few people understood and capitalized on that sentiment more successfully than the late Honorable Walter H. Annenberg, namesake of the Annenberg... click for more
  • Eisenhower Surgeon Performs First Artificial Disc Surgery

    On July 7, Eisenhower Medical Center’s Armen Khachatryan, MD, performed the first cervical (neck) artificial disc surgery in the Coachella Valley. Dr. Khachatryan and Eisenhower’s David Tahernia, MD, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons and... click for more
  • Raising the Flag In Memory Of 9-11

    On Monday, September 11, 2006, a large crowd gathered near the entrance to Eisenhower Medical Center to pay tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. The occasion included the raising of a 30-foot by 50-foot American flag on ... click for more
  • Eisenhower Cardiologist Honored Nationally

    Eisenhower Medical Center Cardiologist Charlie W. Shaeffer, Jr., MD, is the recipient of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) national 2006 Volunteer Advocate of the Year award. The award recognizes Shaeffer’s two decades of service to the... click for more
  • Holiday Voices Gala

    The Governing Board of the Eisenhower Medical Center Auxiliary hosts this lovely and elegant evening of holiday entertainment. The Caballeros, The Gay Men’s Chorus of Palm Springs, and the popular Tony Rose Orchestra will enchant and entertain. ... click for more
  • Your Guide To Good Health: The Benefits Of Swimming

    If there’s one thing we have in abundance here in the valley, it’s swimming pools. All shapes and sizes, pools exemplify an activity of utter relaxation, cool water and warm sun. Because they are so readily available, pools are an ideal way... click for more
  • Your Guide To Good Health : 5 Things

    Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly for one minute or more. Whether you do this once or several times a day, it will help you relax and regain your focus.  assets/news/story/CFHLImages/200611/wb-2.jpg Eat a piece of fresh fruit... click for more
  • Your Guide To Good Health: Getting To The Point

    Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world. Originating in China more than 2,000 years ago, it began its rise in popularity in the United States in the 1970s, after a reporter from The New York Times... click for more