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    A cancer diagnosis, however, often changes the ways in which we communicate with our loved ones. Whether we’re scared, feeling awkward, or don’t know what to say, we are often worried we will say the wrong thing. How we communicate with loved ones, family members, acquaintances or even strangers who are living with cancer, is an important way to show love and support. Supporting someone with cancer requires paying attention to what that individual wants and needs, and knowing what to do and what not to do. click for more

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  • Premier Treatment and ...
    For anyone struggling with chronic hip pain, the prospect of successful treatment is welcome news. Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center (EDOC) offers myriad options for diagnosing and treating hip... click for more
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Eisenhower Employees Take Humana's Challenge With Walkit Program

Employees walk nearly 40 million steps in 10 days

When Humana challenged its golf tournament attendees and Coachella Valley residents to walk more for a good cause — $500,000 for local desert charities — nearly 12,000 participants answered the call.

For Eisenhower Medical Center employees, that call was answered 10 days earlier in our smaller, companywide challenge. Nearly 1,300 Eisenhower employees, volunteers and physicians signed up for Humana’s Walkit program, donned Humana pedometers, and began logging their steps.

Each day, a leader board in the hospital’s cafeteria showcased the top 10 walkers. It motivated participants to climb stairs instead of ride an elevator, park farther from their workplace, take more exercise classes offered at Eisenhower Renker Wellness Center, and more. Participants ranged in age from employees in their early 20s to volunteers in their 80s.

Eisenhower Medical Center employees were fired up about the opportunity to give back and stay healthy by walking more each day. Our company-wide result: 38.6 million steps!

With 334,937 steps, firstplace winner Manuel Saldivar estimates that on average he walks nearly 14 miles daily in a combination of steps from his home in Coachella to and from Indio, and his non-stop walking in the performance of his housekeeping duties on the Eisenhower campus.

For the communitywide competition, Humana pledged to donate $1 for every 200 steps taken, which equates to approximately $420,000. However, the Humana Foundation, the charitable arm of Humana Inc., increased its commitment to Coachella Valley charities to $500,000 to recognize the collective efforts of thousands of people who wore Humana pedometers during the recently completed Humana Challenge PGA TOUR golf tournament (formerly known as the Bob Hope Classic). The Humana Foundation will work with the event’s host organization Desert Classic Charities and its Charity Distribution Committee to determine where to allocate the donation based on community needs and will announce recipient charities in the spring.