How to Become a Volunteer

To become a volunteer, simply fill out an application form at the Volunteer Office (2nd floor, main hospital building) or write to request an application.

Upon return of your application, you will be interviewed by the Director of Volunteer Services. Prior to training and placement, you are required to attend a volunteer orientation session. Every effort will be made to place you in areas suited to your special skills or talents. Whatever your capabilities, your volunteer service will be a valuable contribution to Eisenhower Medical Center.

Uniforms & Hours

As a volunteer, you will need to purchase a Five Star uniform at a cost of $25.00 for vest or smock or and $27.00 for the men’s shirt version. You will be asked to return the uniform if you leave the program.

To fulfill basic volunteer requirements, you should work a minimum of one four-hour shift per week (morning, afternoon, or early evening). Working weekends, evenings and holidays earns double hours for service.