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Whether you need a primary care physician or specialist, chances are Eisenhower Medical Center has just the person you're looking for to address your health care needs. Our physicians and health care professionals are leaders in areas such as cancer, orthopedics, cardiology, neuroscience, sleep medicine, rehabilitation medicine and bariatric surgery. In addition to our 476-bed inpatient hospital, Eisenhower also has seven outpatient health centers located throughout the Coachella Valley. Our medical services are supported by complete radiology and imaging services.

Our health care professionals are dedicated to finding answers to your health problems, regardless of how simple or complex those problems may be. Through our patient and family-centered approach, we provide personalized, specialized care by putting you - the patient - first.

Cash pricing is available to Canadians for many procedures. Whether you are considering joint replacement or cardiac surgery, we offer cash pricing for a host of surgeries, outpatient screenings and procedures.

For more information about cash pricing for medical procedures or to find a primary care physician that is right for you, call 1-855-EMCCANADA (1-855-362-2262).