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  • Spring 2014
    All In The Family - 03/06/2014 - Family. It’s a theme that suffuses the personal and professional lives of physicians Anne Montgomery, MD, and Glen Stream, MD, who joined Eisenhower Primary Care 365... more
  • Winter 2014
    Back To The Future - 01/01/2014 - In 1994, then-23-year-old Gloria Sotomayor injured her back at work. “I used to work serving banquets at a hotel, lifting those big trays,” she relates. “I had a... more
  • Fall 2013
    Post-Operative Delirium Prevention Presentation... - 09/01/2013 - In July, Eisenhower Medical Center Primary Care Physician Sheda Heidarian, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, presented at the 20th International... more
  • Spring 2013
    Changing Lives - 03/01/2013 - Don’t wait — exercise your right to great health at the Eisenhower Renker Wellness Center, which features dynamic cardiac and pulmonary wellness programs. Offering... more
  • Winter 2013
    Back In Rhythm - 01/01/2013 - Two years ago, Stacy Clark was only 45 when she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation — “A Fib” — is an abnormal heart rhythm in which the upper... more
  • Fall 2012
    Richard A. Stone, MD - 11/01/2012 - Eisenhower Medical Center physician Richard A. Stone, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Hypertension, received two distinctions this year:... more
  • Spring 2012
    Eisenhower Celebrated the Naming of Joel M.... - 03/01/2012 - Left to right: G. Aubrey Serfling, Eisenhower Medical Center President and CEO; Robert Rishwain, Chairman, Eisenhower Board of Governors; Joseph Scherger, MD, MPH, Vice... more
  • Winter 2012
    Committed To Global Health - 01/01/2012 - “Act locally, think globally” is more than a bumper sticker slogan to Noemi “Mimi” Doohan, MD, PhD. This dedicated family physician spent the first week of October 2011... more
  • Fall 2011
    A New Standard of Care - 11/01/2011 - Eisenhower Medical Center’s new onsite, 10,000-square-foot gastrointestinal (GI) laboratory focuses on safety, quality, high standards of care, privacy and convenience,... more
  • Spring 2011
    A Day of Hope for Diabetes - 03/01/2011 - It’s the largest educational — and inspirational —event of its kind in the western United States. The annual Jim Cook Day of Hope for Diabetes — now in its 16th year —... more
  • Winter 2011
    Eisenhower: Becoming a Teaching Hospital - 12/01/2010 - It is arguably the greatest milestone in Eisenhower’s evolution — becoming a teaching hospital. Through an affiliation with the renowned Keck School of Medicine at the... more
  • Fall 2010
    Eisenhower Acquires the Penumbra Stroke System - 09/01/2010 - Eisenhower recently added the Penumbra Stroke System® to its arsenal of tools for treating acute ischemic stroke. Ischemia refers to the lack of blood flow, and an... more
  • Winter 2010
    A Second Chance - 12/01/2009 - FOR LUCY LINDEN, DECEMBER 29, 2008, SEEMED AT first like any other day. A retired schoolteacher, she was at home in Indian Wells. Her husband Bob and his real estate... more
  • Summer 2010
    New CT Scanner at Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center - 06/01/2010 - The Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center is a Center of Excellence providing a full range of advanced cardiac care services.Always renowned for its cutting-edge, advanced... more
  • Spring 2010
    In The Blink Of An Eye - 03/01/2010 - Cancer was just a six-letter word for Indio resident Sherry Kovas. It was not something she thought about, and not something she ever thought would be part of her life.... more
  • Summer 2009
    Go Fish! - 10/01/2009 - For years, heart disease has been the number one killer in the United States. Heart disease silently claims one American life every minute. In 2009, it was... more
  • Fall 2009
    Acupuncture - 09/01/2009 - Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world. Originating in China more than 2,000 years ago, it is becoming increasingly popular... more
  • Nov-Dec 2002
    Eisenhower Designated Primary Stroke Center - 07/01/2009 - Eisenhower Medical Center has been designated a Certified Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission. Eisenhower is the first hospital in Riverside and San Bernardino... more
  • Winter 2009
    Stroke Care Excellence Award - 04/01/2009 - For the third consecutive year, Eisenhower Medical Center is the recipient of the prestigious HealthGrades Stroke Care Excellence Award™. HealthGrades® is a leading... more
  • Spring 2009
    The Arnold Palmer Prostate Center - 03/01/2009 - The Center is a destination treatment center for prostate cancer patients, the first and still only institution of its kind in California. It brings together in one... more
  • Spring 2008
    John Miller, PhD, MD: Renaissance Man - 03/01/2008 - For surgeon John Miller, PhD, MD, he finds his love of science, medicine and the creative arts makes for a nice life balance. “I think it is important for us to use our... more
  • Summer 2008
    Every Step of the Way - 11/03/2008 - Low complication rates, low morbidity, reduced recovery times, a team of professionals in place for more than 20 years – it is that kind of consistency and unparalleled... more
  • Fall 2008
    EXCERCISE FOR LIFE - 09/01/2008 - Forget the image of young teens sitting on the couch. A new generation of video games that require the player to physically move while playing has become popular with... more
  • Winter 2007
    Controlling Back Pain - 01/01/2008 - Back pain is a common health problem, afflicting 50 to 80 percent of adults, yet many people do not associate the pain with arthritis. A common assumption is that... more
  • Fall 2007
    New Memory Assessment Center to Open - 09/01/2007 - A comprehensive diagnostic center for Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and related disorders will open this fall at Eisenhower Medical Center. On July 10, 2007, medical... more
  • Summer 2007
    Minimally Invasive Surgery: Less is More - 06/01/2007 - Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is quite simply changing the face of medicine. Long, open incisions, spreaders and retracting devices have been replaced with dime-size... more
  • Spring 2007
    Exercise & Peripheral Artery Disease - 03/01/2007 - Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is heard about more and more in the news lately. PAD occurs when plaque or fat build up in the blood vessel, thereby constricting the... more
  • Winter 2006
    Hot Shots - 11/01/2006 - Flu season is here and it’s time to protect ourselves against this unwelcome annual visitor. For most of us, the fever, sore throat and muscle aches associated with the... more
  • Jul-Aug 2006
    Joint Protection - 07/01/2006 - Joint protection is the practice of using the joints of the body in ways to reduce stress, pain and deformity while performing daily activities. There are a few basic... more
  • May-Jun 2006
    Carmelita Sese - 05/01/2006 - When Carmelita Sese came to the United States in 1985, she came looking for a better life than the one she left behind in the poor farming village tucked away in the... more
  • Mar-Apr 2006
    “The Tournament that Built a Hospital” - 03/01/2006 - The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic has a long-standing tradition of providing not only enormous fun, but also, enormous fundraising in the Coachella Valley, lending financial... more
  • Mar-Apr 2005
    I Can’t be Having a Heart Attack! - 02/22/2006 - It never occurred to David Chook that he was having a heart attack. After all, he was only 49, ate fairly healthfully, never smoked, and was in decent shape. Okay…his... more
  • Jan-Feb 2006
    Psychological Effects of Exercise - 01/01/2006 - The physical benefits of participating in a consistent exercise program are common knowledge. But one benefit that rarely gets much attention is improved psychological... more
  • Nov-Dec 2005
    Contributors Nov - Dec 2005 - 11/01/2005 - Harry M. Goldstein, Chairman of the Board Harry M. Goldstein has served as Chairman of the Board of Eisenhower Medical Center since 2000. In addition to a successful... more
  • Sep-Oct 2005
    Desert Diabetes Alert Program - 09/01/2005 - Type 2 diabetes can be prevented. The Diabetes Prevention Program – a major, 27-center clinical trial, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health – studied more than... more
  • Jul-Aug 2005
    Mary Bono: Beyond Politics Finding Balance - 07/01/2005 - Congresswoman Mary Bono and husband, Glenn Baxley Congresswoman Mary Bono and her husband, Glenn Baxley, spoke candidly with Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation... more
  • May-Jun 2005
    Commitment to Care The Quest for Clinical Gold - 05/01/2005 - You’ve come to the desert to take advantage of the lifestyle offered here, or simply for some fun in the sun. Unexpectedly you feel sick – really sick.Your... more
  • Sep-Oct 2004
    New Hope for a Cure - 09/10/2004 - The uncertainty of the cause or causes of Parkinson’s Disease is profoundly disappointing to anyone affected by the disease, either as a patient, a caregiver or family... more
  • Jan-Feb 2005
    Painless Blood Sugar Testing - 01/01/2005 - Is it truly possible to get an accurate reading of your blood sugar without first poking a hole in your finger? Apparently so. The SugarTrac™, by LifeTrac Systems, Inc.,... more
  • Jul-Aug 2004
    The Bionic Golfer - 07/01/2004 - Four knee injuries from football and skiing didn’t keep sixtytwo- year-old J.R. (James Richard) Delich off the golf course. Yet, a year ago this scratch player and... more
  • Mar-Apr 2004
    Major Medical Breakthrough May Cure Type 1... - 03/01/2004 - It is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting discoveries ever made in the search for a cure for Type 1 diabetes. The discovery? Transplanted cells from... more
  • Jan-Feb 2004
    Osteoarthritis: The Most Common Form of Arthritis - 01/01/2004 - You hear a lot about arthritis on television, in newspaper flyers, and in health care magazine ads. But did you know that there are more than 100 different... more