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Stimulation of special points on the body by insertion of fine needles to facilitate the flow of energy. Helpful for the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions including back pain, sciatica and all forms of joint pain, as well as migraines and neck pain.

Applied Kinesiology

Muscle testing to assess body function or harmony in the physical, chemical, emotional and nutritional systems. Often helpful in identifying most supportive treatment practices to continue or practices which may be poorly tolerated by the body.

Cranial-sacral and Visceral Mobilization

Manual therapy technique that gently works with the central nervous system and its protective tissues and with the abdominal wall and organs to release restrictions and normalize function. This practice is helpful for head, neck and abdominal pain syndromes as well as abdominal restrictions or malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Executive Health Program

An integrative program consisting of extensive pretesting, a physical examination and wellness planning with follow-up to reach your health goals.

Integrative Medicine Consultations

A two-visit approach to your health concerns with a physician, starting with a comprehensive history and advanced alternative testing of blood, saliva and stool as needed, followed by a review of the testing and development of an action plan for healthy progression towards your health goals. This is ideal for someone who wishes a complementary lifestyle approach to maximizing wellness.

Massage Therapy

Acupressure, deep tissue, sports, and Swedish - therapeutic touch that uses pressure, rubbing, kneading and stretching to relieve stress and tension in muscles to promote relaxation, blood flow and comfort.


The practice of quieting the mind to allow the mind and body to come into harmony. For many, this practice becomes a key part of stress management and empowerment to respond, rather than react, to their environment.

Weight Management

A comprehensive approach combining optimal nutrition, mental and emotional support, and goal-oriented fitness to bring your weight to the best level for you.

Wellness Evaluation and Coaching

Focused evaluation with a coach who assists in defining your health needs and developing a program for action towards your wellness goals. Our coaching intake session provides a baseline visual output that allows you to track your changes as you nurture your body's ability to adapt and be well.

Yoga Therapy

A practice of using body postures to increase body awareness and mind centering so that you are present and one with your wholeness. This is beneficial for those who wish for a supportive physical practice and increased mind-body integration.

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