Cancer Care Program

Specialized care for the cancer patient, including post mastectomy care, lymphedema care, activities of daily living training and generalized strengthening to maximize functional potential following cancer treatment.

Eisenhower's staff of licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists and assistants have many years in the treatment of cancer patients who have developed weakness, decreased motion or inactivity as a result of their cancer treatment. We offer a specialized program of education and exercise for the post lumpectomy/axillary dissection patient, as well as the patient who has developed early or late onset lymphedema due to the removal of lymph nodes. Strengthening, range of motion and adaptive exercises are customized to meet individual needs. We also provide rehabilitation programs for patients whose ability to communicate and/or swallow has been affected by cancer.

Getting Started

The Cancer Care Program at Eisenhower is offered in the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center and the Harry and Diane Rinker Building. A physician's prescription with a diagnosis is required. An initial appointment can be made by calling or walking in to the department. If faxing the prescription, please include the patient's telephone number so that an appointment may be scheduled. Following the initial evaluation by a licensed therapist, additional appointments will be made based on medical necessity. Treatment here at Eisenhower Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services Department is covered by most insurances.

Questions can be answered by calling the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center at 760-773-2033 or the Harry and Diane Rinker Building at 760-773-1630.

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