Driving Simulator/Driver Fitness

The Driving Simulator/Driver Fitness Assessment Program utilizes the Advanced Therapy Products WT-2000 Interactive Driving Simulator featuring the STISIM Drive™ Interactive Software. Developed for evaluating human subject impairment and proficiency, the STISIM Drive™ is based on more than 35 years of published research on vehicle dynamics and driver behavior and used by driver rehabilitation programs for evaluating driver performance, and selection and training on adaptive driving controls.

The WT-2000 Interactive Driving Simulators can assess cognitive and psychomotor capability on a day-to-day basis. In addition to standard driving scenarios, the STISIM Drive™ software allows the user to conveniently customize an assessment to a specific drivers needs. It can record a wide variety of driver performance measures (number and type of accidents, lane deviation, speed control, divided attention, reaction time, accident avoidance and more) and provides a detailed printable report. Plus the 'replay' feature can store and rerun every scenario exactly how it was driven for patient performance review and education.

These versatile systems provide a full color 'virtual' rear-view mirror! During your 'virtual' drive you can turn corners, change lanes, speed-up, slow-down, stop and start - all the things you do in a real care.

Occupational Therapists use this device as part of a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's physical, cognitive, and perceptual-motor skills and abilities that impact their driving performance. Therapists will be able to use the device as part of therapy programs to work on progression of these areas while patient will benefit by experiencing and becoming aware of their own abilities in a controlled environment.

this simulator will compliment the existing AARP/AAA Car-Fit Program, which is a program designed to evaluate a mature drivers' fit to their car. Changes in vision, strength, range of motion, and even height may make older drivers less comfortable and reduce their control behind the wheel. Occupational Therapists have been training to provide a quick yet comprehensive check on how well seniors work with their vehicles, and provide specific practical community resources to help older drivers maintain safe and independent driving.

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