The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT®) BIG program is an intensive therapeutic exercises program for people with Parkinson's and other neurological conditions including stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and down's syndrome as well as conditions related to generalized aging. Treatments target large amplitude, whole body, big movements in order to retrain the correct patterning of normal movements. LSVT® BIG is designed to keep patients as active as possible, helping to enhance their quality of life to function as independent as possible.

LSVT® BIG is a researched-based exercise approach developed from principles of the clinically effective LSVT® LOUD program. The same guiding principles are now being applied to LSVT® BIG. Initial studies have shown the LSVT® BIG program to be effective in improving walking, balance, and large limb movements.

The program consists of 16 one hour sessions with a physical or occupational therapist. Scheduled four days a week for four weeks, or specific to the patients needs, the intensity of the program as well as the ongoing home exercises both during and following completion of the program, is necessary to the regaining of function. Ideally, the program is administered prior to the onset of function loss but the principles of the LSVT® BIG program can be effective at all levels of function.

Getting Started

The LSVT® BIG program is located in the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center. A physician's prescription with a diagnosis is required. An initial appointment can be made by calling or walking in to the department. If faxing the prescription, please include the patient's telephone number so that an appointment may be scheduled. Following the initial evaluation by a licensed therapist, additional appointments will be made based on medical necessity. Treatment here at Eisenhower Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services Department is covered by most insurances.

Questions can be answered by calling the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center at 760-773-2033.

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