In addition to acute inpatient care and the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, comprehensive outpatient care for the stroke patient is featured at our Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Building. Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists collaborate to provide convenient appointment scheduling of all therapies at a central location to receive all of these services.

Eisenhower Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services department utilizes a multi-disciplinary team approach to care for patients following a stroke. Strokes affect each individual uniquely, with a wide range of presenting symptoms, requiring the rehabilitation team to customize each program to the individual. Utilizing specially trained Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists, each patient's treatment plan is individualized based on their needs.

Multiple treatment approaches are utilized including neurodevelopmental (NDT) therapy and proprioceptive neurological facilitation (PNF) for stroke patients. Highly technical equipment, including the Neurocom® Balance Master machine and the Bioness® NESS L300TM advanced functional electrical stimulation foot drop system, compliment a completely functional Activities of Daily Living laboratory, which facilitates relearning/refining of these skills. Therapists also assess the patient's physical, cognitive and perceptual motor skills impacting their driving performance. A driving simulator is available to provide assessment and practice behind a virtual wheel in a controlled environment. Speech therapists trained in dysphagia assess the patient's ability to swallow and recommend diet textures and exercises for swallowing and speech and voice rehabilitation, as well as cognitive therapy to address attention, concentration, memory, problem solving, thinking and judgment. Evaluation and training for speech generating devices and other alternative means of communication are also available.

Therapists with specialty certifications including Certified Stroke Rehab Specialists (CSCR) and Certified Vestibular Rehabilitation (CVR) therapists are particularly helpful in addressing the needs of the stroke patient. Other specialty certifications including Certified Hand Therapists (CHT), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), and Orthopedic Clinical Specialists (OCS) ensure that all services provided are of the highest quality and skill and utilize the latest evidence-based approach in the care of the patient.

Getting Started

A physician's prescription with a diagnosis is required. An initial appointment can be made by calling or walking in to the department. If faxing the prescription, please include the patient's telephone number so that an appointment may be scheduled. Following the initial evaluation by a licensed therapist, additional appointments will be made based on medical necessity. Treatment here at Eisenhower Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services Department is covered by most insurance carriers.

Questions can be answered by calling 760-773-2033.

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