Swallow Evaluations

Swallow evaluations are performed by speech pathologists trained in dysphagia that assess the patient's ability to swallow. This procedure includes the use of modified barium swallow, recommendations for the safest diet textures, and exercises to facilitate muscle strength for swallowing.

Getting Started

Swallow Evaluations at Eisenhower are offered in the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center. A physician's prescription with a diagnosis is required. An initial appointment can be made by calling or walking in to the department. If faxing the prescription, please include the patient's telephone number so that an appointment may be scheduled. Following the initial evaluation by a licensed therapist, additional appointments will be made based on medical necessity. Treatment here at Eisenhower Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services Department is covered by most insurances.

Questions can be answered by calling 760-773-2033.

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