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Eisenhower Wellness Institute Programs and Services

“Wellness is about so much more than simply the absence of disease.The body knows how to heal; if we can bring it back into balance, it has the capacity to be really healthy for our entire lifespan.
At the Eisenhower Wellness Institute, we stand for living life fully, optimally and healthfully.
Our emphasis is on health care versus sick care.”

– Jeralyn Brossfield, MD, Medical Director, Eisenhower Wellness Institute

Membership at the Eisenhower Wellness Institute provides individualized guidance and access to integrated care with expert practitioners. Expanded membership integrates multiple programs toward focused areas of improvement. All memberships are annual and include special pricing, priority access for service and updates on wellness-related events and topics.

Executive Health Program includes physicals in a one-day visit format, with advanced testing and lifestyle evaluations and individualization to meet your needs. Beyond what you receive in an annual physical, the depth and comprehensive nature of this assessment culminates in a practical recommendation plan to improve your health and well-being.

Neurofeedback Programs is non-invasive, drug-free, evidence-based training to maximize optimal brain function. It has been demonstrated to improve memory, sleep, relaxation, focus and cognitive function. Packages range from a one-time QEEG map to brain training programs with options to integrate other services for optimal brain health.

Wellness Practitioner Services are provided in private with experienced practitioners devoted to achieving whole body wellness. See below for specific practices offered.

Courses, Workshops and Events are offered throughout the year on health and wellness topics. Check our postings on the monthly Eisenhower calendar, or at or by using the headings above.


Acupuncture – The stimulation of special points on the body by insertion of fine needles facilitates the flow of energy. Acupuncture is a helpful option for the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions, including back pain, sciatica, all forms of joint pain, as well as migraines and neck pain.

Applied Kinesiology – Muscle testing techniques are useful in assessing body function or harmony in the physical, chemical, emotional and nutritional systems. This practice is often helpful in identifying supportive practices to continue, or practices which may be poorly tolerated by the body.

Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Mobilization – Visceral mobilization (organ specific fascial mobilization) helps to release restrictions of your organs that originates from trauma, illness, surgery, poor diet or emotional stress. This treatment improves digestion, reduces soft tissue and pelvic pain, enhances movement, vitality and wellbeing. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle technique that releases restricted areas of the relieving pressure on the brain, spinal cord and other regions of your body. Craniosacral therapy enhances your body's natural healing processes and has been effective for a wide range of health challenges associated with pain and dysfunction.

Integrative Medicine Consultations – With a goal of getting to the root causes of illness, this physician consultation begins with a comprehensive history, a timeline of your health and concerns, and orders for advanced alternative testing of blood, saliva and stool as needed. You then return for a review of the testing and an action plan to reach your health goals. This consultation is ideal for someone who wishes a complementary approach to maximizing wellness.

Massage Therapy – Acupressure, deep tissue, sports, and Swedish methods provide therapeutic touch using pressure, rubbing, kneading and stretching to relieve stress and tension in muscles, promoting relaxation, blood flow and comfort.

Meditation –The practice of quieting the mind allows harmony between mind and body. For many, meditation becomes a key part of stress management and empowerment to respond rather than to react to their environment.

Weight Management – We offer a comprehensive approach combining optimal nutrition and mental, emotional and goal-oriented support to bring your weight to your most supportive level.

Wellness Evaluation and Coaching –In this interaction you and a coach define your health needs and develop a program for action towards your wellness goals. Our coaching intake session provides a baseline assessment that allows you to track your changes as you nurture your body’s ability to be well.

All services at the Eisenhower Wellness Institute are payable at the time of service. Pricing varies depending on services to be provided. The Eisenhower Wellness Institute does not submit for insurance reimbursement.

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