Proper Nutrition is Vital to Good Health

Proper nutrition plays an essential role in a healthy lifestyle. By carefully managing your diet, you can reduce your risk for many diseases and improve the medical outcome for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers. Because good nutrition is so important, Eisenhower Medical Center's Nutrition Consultants provide a full range of dietary consultation and educational programs designed to enhance your health and quality of life

About Our Program

Whether you are seeking general wellness information or disease-specific guidance, we can help. Our comprehensive program is staffed by registered dietitians, each of whom is registered with the American Dietetic Association, a national organization for dietary and nutrition professionals.

Programs and Services

Recognized as a major local resource for nutrition and dietary planning, Eisenhower Medical Center's Nutrition Consultants offer:

  • Personalized dietary programs for healthy living
  • Coordination between medical care and dietary management
  • Objective information on diets and weight loss programs
  • Information on food additives and food labeling
  • Tips on dining out
  • Home meal planning techniques and recipes
  • Nutrition guidelines for a vegetarian diet

Personal Nutrition Counseling

Private, one-on-one counseling with a registered dietitian is available to those who require individualized instruction. Counseling covers nutritional requirements related to age, activity level, and current medical conditions. Instruction is also provided for special diets for infants and children, pregnancy, seniors and sports nutrition.

Weight Loss Management

Individualized and group weight loss instruction is offered, with programs developed to meet specific needs. A registered dietitian manages the program, providing advice on techniques to lose weight and keep it off, as well as on making long-term nutritional changes to improve overall health.

Physician Consultations

Physicians can arrange for a registered dietitian from our program to consult with patients in their offices to discuss dietary and lifestyle changes related to their medical conditions, or they may refer their patients to our outpatient office, located in the Wright Building, Suite 107, on the Eisenhower Medical Center campus, for individual nutrition counseling.

Food Service Consultations

In addition to consulting with individuals, members of our staff consult on menu planning with local restaurants, hotels, spas, country club resorts and other public facilities upon request. Dietary consultation is also available to local health care facilities, by contractual arrangement, to meet state and federal accreditation requirements.

Speakers Bureau

Our registered dietitians are available to lecture to community groups and organization, free of charge. This service is provided through Eisenhower Medical Center's Speaker's Bureau. Speakers may be requested by calling the Eisenhower Medical Center Public Relations Department at 760-773-1281.


All consultations are by appointment only and require a physician referral. During an initial appointment, one of our registered dietitians will obtain information about your dietary history, daily routine and special medical needs. This vital information will be used to develop a dietary plan that meets your specific goals and objectives.

To Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, or for fee or other information, please call Eisenhower Medical Center's Nutrition Consultants at 760-773-1247.

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