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Getting to the Emergency Department

Eisenhower's Tennity Emergency Department is located on the main campus in Rancho Mirage; its entrance is on the rear side of the main hospital. Parking is limited near the emergency department entrance. Family or loved ones may need to drop off the patient and follow the signs to the nearest parking approximately 100 yards away near the Salta Health Center building.

In the event of a medical emergency, please dial 911. While it may feel like a long wait for an ambulance, the wait is usually only minutes - far less than the amount of time to drive to the nearest hospital. As one recent national article stated, the most "saveable" person is one whose collapse is immediately reported to 911. Emergency services personnel are able to assess the situation and, depending on the emergency, can often begin vital lifesaving services on the way to the hospital.

Never drive yourself to the hospital if you think you are having a stroke or heart attack. And if you are a family member, friend or bystander, please call 911. Minutes do make a difference, and emergency services personnel can help save a life.

Not sure when to visit the Emergency Department or Urgent Care?
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Waiting Times

Our physicians and staff care about each and every patient and strive to provide high quality care to all. We also appreciate that you have chosen to come to our hospital and want to be respectful of your time. There is much that goes on in a busy emergency department “behind the scenes” which is not visible and may not be well understood by patients and visitors. Such factors make it hard for our staff members to answer “How much longer will it be?”

Here are some of the factors that make it difficult to answer that question:

  • When ambulances arrive, or critically ill patients arrive by other means, our physicians and nurses need to give them priority over more stable patients. It is the condition that receives priority, not the means of transportation, and this is, by nature of emergencies, unpredictable.
  • The results of most diagnostic tests take time. For instance, specialized X-ray studies such as CT or MRI scans need to be “read” (interpreted) by a qualified specialist before appropriate treatment decisions can be made.

Please know that we have one goal in mind — your well-being. It is our goal to have each patient treated in a timely and caring manner while balancing the needs of the most critically ill and those with less critical conditions.

Communicating with the Emergency Department

Our first priority is patient care. Due to privacy laws, we can only share limited information with callers. It may be best for a loved one who is waiting in the Emergency Department to update family and loved ones as appropriate.

About Eisenhower's Tennity Emergency Department

The Eisenhower Tennity Emergency Department has a collaborative and dedicated team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, ED technicians, phlebotomists, X-ray technicians, social service workers, a concierge and 24-hour internal and external security

In 2009, Eisenhower Medical Center unveiled its newly expanded Tennity Emergency Department. Named for Eisenhower supporters Marilyn and Bill Tennity, the 44,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility more than doubles the size of Eisenhower’s emergency department with a total of 42 treatment areas. Eisenhower is currently planning further expansion with additional treatment areas.

The Tennity Emergency Department was designed to create a safe, healing environment for patients and families with private rooms. The rooms have been praised by both families and medical staff for the privacy and safety they afford patients — private rooms are not only more comfortable, but also more effective for infection control.

The facility has a number of additional features that will help physicians and nurses enhance patient care. Each room is wired with the latest computer technology and contains its own computer, so that the medical team can enter and review patient data immediately. In addition to the private rooms, there are also four trauma bays, which can accommodate two patients each. The bays are designed like an operating room theater, increasing Eisenhower’s ability to treat multiple trauma victims in the event of a major accident or disaster. The expanded emergency department also includes the latest in seismic upgrades, and now exceeds all state and federal requirements for earthquake safety.

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