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    Eisenhower First in Coachella Valley to Offer New Imaging System

    Dr. Brochert confers with a patient awaiting a scan on the Philips GEMINI TF PET/CT system.
    Dr. Brochert confers with a patient awaiting a scan on the Philips GEMINI TF PET/CT system.
    In January, Eisenhower Medical Center began offering patients the next generation in diagnostic imaging power with the Philips GEMINI TF (TruFlight) PET/CT system with Timeof- Flight technology. Today’s standard of care, PET/CT scanning combines positron emission tomography (PET) with computed tomography (CT) to provide advanced imaging performance across a wide range of clinical applications, with a focus on oncology, helping physicians make more accurate diagnoses.

    “This new GEMINI system is the next generation of technology and has many advantages,” says Adam Brochert, MD, Clinical Director of Eisenhower Imaging Center. “The technology improves our ability to detect lesions, make more accurate diagnoses, improves patient comfort levels, and reduces patient wait times.”

    By combining PET and CT images from one scan, physicians are able to see more important clinical information than ever before. This may help eliminate invasive procedures, can help catch a potential problem early, and assists in planning a more precise, targeted course of treatment for a patient. “My job is to make a diagnosis and to do it accurately,” says Dr. Brochert. “This is a wonderful tool to help physicians make better and more accurate diagnoses with greater consistency and confidence. This technology allows me to provide better care for my patients — in the end, that is what is most important.”

    According to Dr. Brochert, the system’s third-generation Time-of-Flight imaging technology is sophisticated and precise. “The Time-of-Flight technology helps acquire and process data in a totally different way than with a conventional PET scanner. The scanner improves the detection, characterization and localization of abnormal activity (hot spots),” says Dr. Brochert. “We get very clear results from this machine and are now able to see and characterize small lesions more easily. It allows us to assess abnormal areas quicker.”

    The scanner’s open design is also more comfortable for patients, and provides more accurate scanning for larger patients. Additionally, staff can interact with patients during a scan.

    “We can do most of our scans in 10 to 15 minutes with this new technology, which is often important for cancer patients who have endured chemotherapy and surgery, and may have issues with pain and discomfort,” says Dr. Brochert. “The GEMINI system also improves the patient experience by helping us get what we need much quicker than before.”

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