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  • Shining Stars February 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   John LeColst/Security

    RECOGNIZED BY:   Rex Catt

    Situation/Task:  On January 9, 2010, Officer LeColst responded to a dispute in CCU.  A visitor had become physically violent with staff by hitting them with her hands.  The visitor’s life partner was dying.  The partner had to be removed from CCU while rescue efforts were made.

    Action:  Officer LeColst remained calm and caring after being physically struck while keeping an out of control person out of CCU.  He continued to calm the person for over 30 minutes.

    Result:  Medical staff was protected when Officer LeColst restrained the upset visitor.  Office LeColst then turned his efforts into helping the distraught visitor.  He demonstrated compassion and caring communication skills.

    AWARDED TO:   Betty Slimko/3 South 

    RECOGNIZED BY:   Rex Catt                  

    Situation/Task:  Physically violent distraught visitor upset about the death of her life partner.  On January 9th, 2010, a female visitor became violent when her partner died.  The visitor struck 2 staff members and a doctor and would not calm down after multiple attempts by staff.

    Action:  Betty had been the patient’s nurse the day before.  She approached the patient’s partner and was able to significantly calm the person down and return the room to a safe condition.

    Result:  Betty demonstrated a heart felt caring attitude.  Her communication was compassionate and effective. Betty’s actions calmed a very stressful situation.


    AWARDED TO:  Dr. Philip Patel/Cardiology

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Sharon Mayforth          

    SITUATION/TASK:  Emergency heart pain, hardly ever sick.  Husband also had blood in his urine.  They calmed and quieted me.  They helped me with patient, gentle tone and eased my pain away with the right things.

    ACTION:  Explained what would happen, took me carefully to the OR and put in a stint giving me the ability to breathe deep and feel energy coming back.  Explained everything well.

    RESULT:   Pain gone, breathing easier, energy right away.  Help to know what to do with the stint.  I am a person of faith in Christ.  They allowed me encouragement to pray.  God was with us all.  I will recommend your department to all our friends for the over and above care.


    AWARDED TO:  Pam Moon/PBX

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Cherylyn Daves

    SITUATION/TASK:  Pam received a phone call from a man (my husband) looking for me.  She noticed that he seemed not himself; a bit confused.  She asked him if he was home alone.  He was.  She let him know that she would find me.

    ACTION:  Pam called Security to come to the lab and get me to call home (I was on my break).  I called home and found that Pam was right and I went home.

    RESULT:  Arriving home I found my husband very confused.  I brought him to the ER where he became unresponsive.  Thanks to Pam I was able to reach my husband and get him help.  I will always be grateful that she recognized that he was in trouble.


    AWARDED TO: Kevin Zimmerman, Rosa Garnica, Eleazar Alvarez, Jorge Quintero, Alfredo Lopez, Humberto Torres, Robert Young, Rosario Alfaro, Lidia Holguin, Albert Cardona, Magdeleno Ruiz-Contreras, Adam Luster, Richard Mussig, John Spolarich, John Gill, Jon Kobaly, and Matt Westbrook

    RECOGNIZED BY:   Christine Craig

    SITUATION/TASK:  It is with tremendous gratitude and pride that I offer my thanks to you as a member of the Environmental Services Department Team and Facilities Team for your service and contributions to our Emergency Department, patients, ED Staff and physicians on Thursday night, December 17th.

    That evening we had a sudden and unexpected disaster occur with Pump Transfer Station failure causing extensive and multiple sites of sewage back-up throughout the Tennity Emergency Department that evening.  The extent of the flood was so bad that at one point that night I was concerned that we might have to close the department to the community.  The severe extent of the flood and impact on patients, staff and physicians was impacting our ability to function and effectively provide emergency care services.  In fact, we had to give notice to the County of Riverside to slow EMC traffic to our facility and that closure of the department might potentially be warranted.

    When you came down with your Supervisors with all of your equipment, linen, and energy, it was a grateful sight to see.  You worked so hard to address the problem, clearing the department of the sewage and odor.  You worked to keep the Stat Lab clear so we could continue to process laboratory specimens on the patients.  You worked on the patient care areas, the bathrooms, the ice machine areas, the staff break room, the ED lobby, anywhere there was a problem a member of your team was there and working on it.

    As a result of all of your hours of hard work and efforts we were able to continue ED operations, look after all the patients and most importantly keep the Tennity Emergency Department open.  If it were not for you and your team, closure of the ED would have occurred, impacting multiple community members’ lives.

    You made such a tremendous contribution to our patients, our ED team and our hospital; this does not go unnoticed.  On behalf of our department, I sincerely thank you for all your contributions that December night.


    AWARDED TO:  Amelita Navarro/2 South

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Amanda

    SITUATION/TASK:  I had two patients in one room who had been here long term.  Both patients were unable to get out of bed.

    ACTION:  Amy was kind enough to give both patients extra special (long) bed baths, including a shampoo to their hair.

    RESULT:  In a normal environment this would be no big deal, but these patients were so thankful.  When I came in to work the next day both patients were in good spirits and were physically doing better.  All they could talk about is what special treatment Amy gave them.  Thank you for your help Amy!

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