• Judith B. Zacher MD, FACS

    Eisenhower Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Judith B. Zacher,MD, FACS authored a chapter in the recently published book Mastopexy and Breast Reduction: Principles and Practice. Her chapter,“Extent of Symptoms Preoperatively and Success of Breast Reduction for Symptomatic Macromastia: Personal Experiences,” discusses the relief of symptoms after the reduction mammoplasty.

    Information in the chapter is based on Zacher’s original research published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1995, analyzing the data on 130 women. For her current book chapter, Dr. Zacher reviewed the subsequent literature, evaluating more than 2,000 women who had undergone breast reduction.Dr. Zacher found that the women all had significant relief from their back pain, shoulder grooves and rashes. None of the current studies show any relationship between grams of tissue removed, the surgical technique used, and the degree of symptom relief.Non-surgical attempts to improve symptoms were shown to be less than five percent effective and weight loss was only 30 percent helpful in those who were able to lose weight.

    Of all the cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures Dr. Zacher performs — augmentation, lifts, old implant removal, and mastectomy reconstruction, Dr. Zacher says her breast reduction patients are the most impacted.“It changes how women live,” says Zacher.

    Dr. Zacher was born and raised in Southern California, graduated from The Ohio State University School of Medicine and is Board Certified in plastic surgery. After practicing in Columbus,Ohio and serving on the clinical faculty at The Ohio State University, Dr. Zacher returned to California. Dr. Zacher has also published additional articles on a diverse range of subject matter including the management of fingertip injuries, electrical burns and breast-feeding after reduction mammoplasty

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