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  • Shining Stars November 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Annetta Vance Baker
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Tijuana Parker/Deborah DeSantis

    A gentleman came in the other day with a donation in memory of a patient.  He told me about an EMC staff member that went above and beyond her job responsibilities.  When she found out that the patient enjoyed (I think he said gospel music – but maybe it was something else), this employee sang a song to the patient each night.  When he left the hospital and went to hospice, he said this employee called him each night and sang to him over the phone until the day he died.  He thought her name might have been something like Anita, but he wasn’t sure.  He said he would sure like to find out her name so someone would realize what a wonderful thing that she did.

    ACTION:  Annetta sang to the patient shift she worked, while he was here. When he left for hospice, she called him each night and sang to him over the phone until the day he died.

    RESULT:  The patient in hospice was assisted in his death by the compassion of a nursing assistant. A donation was made to the hospital in his name.


    AWARDED TO:  Sylvia Solis
    RECOGNIZED BY:    Peggy Weitz

    SITUATION/TASK: On 3 East our phones were not programmed for over night CNA’s.  The patients could not call the CNA’s and some nurses phones were not working. We did not have a night unit secretary. We could not fix them; big safety issue.

    ACTION:  I called 1 East to see if their secretary could come up and help us. Sylvia came up within a few minutes and spent 30 minutes programming our phones. She was so friendly and helpful. Without her we could have had some serious falls or injuries from patients.

    RESULT:   We were able to receive all of our calls from patients and answer our call lights.


    AWARDED TO:  Patricia Garcia
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Stephanie Farrell

    SITUATION/TASK: One of our clinical trials patients ended up being hospitalized for metastatic lung cancer to the brain. The patient was hospitalized for 10 days and missed his faithful companion, Noche, a 7 year old black lab.

    ACTION:  Patty tracked down the same type of dog in our pet therapy program and brought the dog and his handler up to the patient’s room on the oncology unit. 

    RESULT:   Our patient was so happy to see the dog, which brought some joy to his day. Smiles abounded our patient, the puppy dog, and Nurse Patty for a job well done.


    AWARDED TO:  Tijuana Parker
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Mary Ann McLaughlin

    SITUATION/TASK:  Leadership capacity enhancing care dealing in patients as detailed by a staff RN in appreciation of the nursing director of this area.

    Letter: My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for Ms. Tijuana Parker my Director.

    Tijuana exemplifies all the qualities which we strive to achieve at Eisenhower. She is supportive to her staff, caring, knowledgeable, and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone.

    She has compassion for PT’s under care on her floor, understands patients’ needs as well as her employees’ needs.  She treats her employees with respect and fairness.  She does not hesitate to roll her sleeves up and jump in to help her employees; she does it selflessly.

    Ms. Tijuana is an asset to Eisenhower Medical Center. Thank you Tijuana.


    AWARDED TO:  Laura Zamora
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Jeanine Valenzuela

    SITUATION/TASK:  I had 2 restless, confused patients on bed alarm. I was answering one of the bed alarms when the other room also had a bed alarm going off. I was worried that by the time I settled one patient the other would have fallen to the floor or something else.  But, I could not check until settling the first patient I was with.  I was hoping another nurse would check the patient in the meantime, but could not see.

    ACTION: I settled my first patient and ran to the next room. There I saw Laura talking to the patient and keeping her calm and distracted until I was able to take care of that patient. Later I realized Laura had stopped cleaning and went into that room when she saw the alarm bed on and nobody else going in to check on the patient.

    RESULT:  Because of Laura’s actions the safety of the patient was maintained and a potential injury prevented.  Laura went above and beyond the call of duty and should be recognized.

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