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  • Shining Stars April 2011

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:    Virginia Garcia
    RECOGNIZED BY:   Debbie Reylek  
    SITUATION/TASK: We were told on April 19th that we need to have the Rimrock laboratory patient service center open and ready to take patients on May 2nd.

    ACTION:  This was not going to be any easy task. Supplies needed to be stocked, workstation on wheels (WOW) and barcode printer needed to be ordered; plus the all-in-one copier/fax/scanner/printer. After looking at the processes in our Palm Springs location Virginia thought we could take one barcode printer and WOW from that location and move it to the new Rimrock laboratory.

    RESULT:   Because of change in workflow at our Palm Springs Sunrise location Virginia saved the hospital $8,500 by not ordering the extra barcode printer and WOW. Thank you Virginia!


    AWARDED TO:  Sheryl Watson
    RECOGNIZED BY:  David Peel

    SITUATION/TASK: The family of a patient became distressed and upset upon learning their father was to be discharged to a skilled nursing facility. They became belligerent and insulting to the Eisenhower staff. They demanded to see a nursing supervisor, the attending MD and filed a formal complaint protesting discharge.

    ACTION: Sheryl our Case Manager after making many phone calls gathered all the family members together. Sheryl reviewed everything and the progress the patient had made and what the patient now needed to achieve the goal of eventually returning home.

    RESULT: Sheryl’s approach and manner and professionalism provided the family with the information they needed to feel comfortable and happy with the discharge. At the time of discharge later the same day the family was very happy and thanked the staff for everything they had done.


    AWARDED TO:    Aubree Enriquez

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Mary Shalhoub
    SITUATION/TASK:  Aubree was approached by a guest who wanted to have her bring narcotics to her. Aubree refused and immediately spoke to the Director and Charge Nurse on the floor.

    ACTION: Security was called.  As her supervisor I was proud of Aubree to act responsibly and saved the hospital from potential harm and lawsuits.

    RESULT:  This guest was taking food from other floors and most notably asking others to get her narcotics. Thanks to Aubree, this guest is not allowed to enter hospital.


    AWARDED TO:   David Chapa and Alex Figueroa
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Rex Catt

    SITUATION/TASK:   On 4/14/11 at about 0745 Officers David Chapa and Alex Figueroa responded to a disorderly patient in the Emergency Department. This female patient was being held on a 51-50 hold. Shortly after the officers arrived, the patient attempted to hit Doctor Kontaxis. She also spit at him. Officers Chapa and Figueroa were able to calm the patient down using excellent verbal calming skills. The sheriff’s office was called but declined to take the patient into custody. The patient became increasingly more agitated and violent both verbally and physically. Doctor Kontaxis ordered that the patient be placed in physical restraints. As soon as staff entered the room, the patient realized that she was going to be restrained and instantly became physically violent. She attempted to hit several staff members and a Deputy Sheriff.

    ACTION: Officers Chapa and Figueroa maintained their calm, and physically assisted staff in holding the patient down. Both officers were able to use their established rapport to get her to calm down when others could not.

    RESULT:   Officers Chapa and Figueroa actions prevented both the staff and patient from being injured. Officers Chapa and Figueroa went above and beyond the call of duty and should be commended for their excellent service and professionalism in the face of being physically injured.


    AWARDED TO:   Ken Kauppi
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Susan Heggie

    SITUATION/TASK:  Many people call the Healthy Living Resource Center for information they are unable to get from the Internet because they are not ’computer literate’. Ken, a volunteer at the Center on Wednesday afternoons, agreed to teach a Computer 101 class for those interested in learning the basics of operating a personal computer.

    ACTION: The class was an immediate hit with the senior population in the valley. Ken expertly and patiently instructs his students in the basic skills needed to operate a personal computer. As a result, these clients can now use the computer to research a medical diagnosis their physician may have given to them, a medication they are taking or they can keep in touch with family and friends via e-mail.

    RESULT:  Because of Ken’s excellent teaching methods and his endless patience, all of his students have entered the twenty-first century’s technical age and several have confidently purchased computers with Ken’s guidance and support.

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