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  • Shining Stars September 2011

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  David Diaz
    RECOGNIZED BY: Meagan Beavers

    SITUATION/TASK: I was the triage RN and David the triage technician. David brought a patient to me and David said, “I am not leaving you.” At first I did not understand, but the patient became verbally abusive to me, threatened me and attempted to attack me.

    ACTION: David never left my side. Even when the situation escalated and became very threatening he stayed at my side and we both took the patient down.

    RESULT: If David had left me or had not been there I would have sustained serious injury. This was a 20 year old male patient who I would not have been able to restrain on my own. I owe David my life.


    AWARDED TO:   Dennis Oeding
    RECOGNIZED BY: Dr. Bencheqroun

    SITUATION/TASK:  It was scheduled for a rigid bronchoscopy/OR procedure. This was Friday at noon. Dennis was unfamiliar with the equipment and there was a communication breakdown that he wasn’t informed until 30 minutes prior to OR. Several pieces of equipment needed to be in OR in addition to himself.

    ACTION: Dennis did not complain.  He made a few phone calls and brought the equipment to the OR. Within a half hour, he was almost set up and ready to go.

    RESULT: The OR case simply would not have happened. The patient would have had to wait till Monday and both physicians would have had to reschedule in their time on Monday. Dennis truly rose to the occasion.


    AWARDED TO:  Abigail Gaffud and Alicia Briceno
    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient 
    SITUATION/TASK:  I flew in from Atlanta, GA to take my aunt home to AH. I arrived at 9:30pm after a nine hour flight. I was tired and my aunt was confused. The nursing staff was great.

    ACTION: The nursing assistant gave me a drink and in the morning the person who delivered the trays offered me coffee. It was so wonderful that they not only took excellent care of my aunt but thought of my comfort too.

    RESULT:  Not only did it make me feel included in the team all to help my aunt with her care but I think it helped her to recover and motivate her.


    AWARDED TO:   Joanne Singh
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Paul Kennedy
    SITUATION/TASK: EMC purchases custom packs for procedural areas from an outside vendor. These packs are a compilation of assorted medical supplies that are commonly used for specific types of surgical and invasive cases. Our annual spend on custom packs is over $1.1 million. This contract is due to expire at the end of this calendar year.

    ACTION: Joanne organized a multi-disciplinary team from EMC. She then set up a process with 4 vendors (including our current one) known as a Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP is issued early in a procurement procedure and invites suppliers through a bidding process to submit a proposal. The RFP brings structure to the procurement decision and identifies risks and benefits up front. It also identifies EMC’s short/long term business objectives. This process informs suppliers that our organization is looking to procure product and that is very specific concerning our requirements. It also alerts suppliers that the selection process is competitive and will follow a structured, impartial evaluation and selection procedure.

    RESULT: Once the RFP was completed, one vendor was chosen. It turned out to be our current vendor who presented the lowest bid. In essence, EMC will not need to switch to another vendor’s product to achieve a tremendous savings. Staff will be happy not to have to adjust to a new product. Joanne’s organization, professionalism, and ethical practices have, and will continue to benefit EMC and allow us to do what we do best: serve our patients.


    AWARDED TO:  Hien Dang
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Luc Chartrand
    SITUATION/TASK: Hein had an extremely nervous patient that needed a cardiac stress test. The patient was also slightly confused and scared of what might happen to him.

    ACTION: Hein took the time to explain the exam several times while reassuring the patient that everything would be fine. Hein arranged to have the patient’s wife come down to the department to be with him. He put a chair right next to the scanner so that the patient could still see his wife while being scanned.

    RESULT: With the wife’s presence and Hein’s almost inspirational encouragement, the patient received the treatment he needed. I’m glad to be able to work side by side with Hein. Other personnel would have just given up and said that the patient refused or was unable to continue with the exam.

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