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  • Shining Stars December 2011

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Meagan Beavers
    RECOGNIZED BY: Shelly Darr

    SITUATION/TASK: I received a call on Sunday morning from Oregon (as the relief QI nurse) the daughter of a patient that lived in Indio. The daughter Ann, stated that she thought her mother was having a stroke, Mom was very confused with poor speech and alone. The daughter had dialed 911 but the Oregon system was no help. I got the Mom's address from her, called 911. The patient was safely transported to EMC. Meagan was the patient nurse in ED. The patient was admitted. Later in the day the daughter called me back explaining that her Mom had a little dog (a poodle) that was all alone at the house, she didn't know what to do.

    ACTION: Well Meagan contacted the daughter and after her shift drove to the patient’s house.  It took 45 minutes to find the house in a gated community. The house was dark; she found her way in, turned on the lights, fed and loved the little scared dog. The next morning Meagan drove back to the house to again check on the dog before coming in for her early shift.

    RESULT:  This act of kindness put the daughter’s mind at ease until she could get here. Way above and beyond.


    AWARDED TO:   Jacqueline Mueller & Jill Hall-Crum
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Jacqueline Cameron

    SITUATION/TASK: Jill Crum and Jacquie Mueller recognized a large outstanding balance on our contracted SART accounts. Jill launched an investigation and found over $30,000 unpaid by contracted providers. She took initiative and met with all parties including finance to collect on past due accounts. She also developed a system with accounts payable and Jacquie Mueller to be able to bill the accounts appropriately to receive timely reimbursement from these agencies.


    AWARDED TO:  Steven Powell
    RECOGNIZED BY: Lilli Mandelik

    SITUATION/TASK: I saw Steve Powell take a wheel chair out of the lobby and dash out to the parking area to meet a patient getting out of a car.

    ACTION:   He knew the patient was coming to the Infusion Center and was very weak and having trouble walking in so he didn’t ask, he just acted and gave the woman a ride.

    RESULT: The patient came in smiling, safe and chatting away with Steve. He avoided a possible fall and made her feel comforted and respected. His action promoted safety but was also an act of kindness and caring. Steve makes the Cancer Center lobby warn, inviting and safe for our customers.


    AWARDED TO:   William Bryson
    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  Bill Bryson – Wound Care Specialist at EMC, whom I have had the privilege of meeting, only two times.  He has cleaned, cared for and dressed the open wound the size of a silver dollar, the depth of 7 silver dollars that has not healed in over 3.5 years.  Additionally, I have had 4 surgical procedures to both feet on my plantar surfaces.

    ACTION: I have received simply the finest, exact, amazing treatment, wound cleansing and professional wrapping and bandaging of my open wounds by any MD, DBM, RN, MS, PT wound care professional at EMC, DRMC or JFK. I received the most superior wound care prep work, cleansing and amazingly professional wrapping by any of the above wound care professionals in and throughout the Coachella Valley. Period. Case Closed.

    RESULT: Bill Bryson, is gentle, kind, professional and a perfectionist at his job. I first met Bill down in the IRL lab, where he came to treat my two-toe amputation.  He poured this wax like substance (that didn’t burn) on my amputation area. Just a day or two after my amputation he single handedly, in my sort of depression, despair and despondency, turned around my state of mind with his humanity, decency and kindness.  I, along with 5 other men, watched Bill in utter amazement pour the non hot wax like substance on both feet and hook the foot into a wound-vacuum device and removed the stuff later in the day. Bill is undoubtedly the finest example of caring, goodness, intelligence, perfection and excellence in his job at EMC. With such uncanny perfection, I sincerely doubt few physicians do their jobs as well as Bill. He is not a person from my church, a neighbor, a friend or anyone I have ever met before.  You should know how highly regarded and respected he is by my nurse, my case manager and my social worker.

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