• Passionate about Breakthroughs in Treating Diabetes

    With a true fascination for the intricacies of the human body and the heart of a scientist, Elke Jost-Vu, MD, is perfectly suited to treat the patients she sees most often. Section Chief of Endocrinology and Medical Director of the Eisenhower Medical Center Diabetes Program, Dr. Jost-Vu is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetes. “Sixty percent of my patients have diabetes and the majority of them require insulin injections,” says Dr. Jost-Vu. “I am passionate about helping these patients. It can be challenging trying to understand the way insulin interacts with other body chemicals; however, when I am able to improve a patient’s diabetes, it is truly gratifying.”

    Dr. Jost-Vu seemed destined to become a physician. When attending high school in a small town near Heidelberg, Germany, she gravitated toward anything medical or scientific. After high school she attended the prestigious University of Heidelberg Medical School with her focus on being a scientific physician.

    Dr. Jost-Vu came to the United States in 1983 for a three-year research fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. “I was shadowing a fellow to treat patients with lipid disorders,” explains Dr. Jost-Vu. “I really enjoyed it and decided to go into clinical medicine.” Following a residency in Bakersfield and a two-year endocrinology fellowship at the University of Southern California, Dr. Jost-Vu opened her private practice in 1991 at Eisenhower Medical Center.

    In practice for more than 23 years, Dr. Jost-Vu is excited about the new developments in her field. “When I started my practice, all we had was insulin and one diabetic medication,” notes Dr. Jost- Vu. “Now, we have all kinds of different insulins and a multitude of medications to treat diabetes. There is also new technology — insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitors — helping physicians to treat patients more effectively and in turn, helps patients to improve their diabetes and ultimately live longer and healthier lives.”

    A very dedicated physician, Dr. Jost-Vu relaxes by walking, hiking or getting away on her boat in Long Beach when Palm Springs temperatures become too steamy. She also makes frequent visits to San Francisco to visit her daughter.

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