• Mohammad Mojard M.D.

    Having suffered from asthma as a child, Dr. Mohammad “Mo” Mojarad knew he wanted to one day help others suffering like himself. He even dreamed of finding a cure for the disease. While he has yet to do that, by becoming a pulmonary specialist, Dr. Mojarad found a fulfilling way to improve the quality of life for lung disease patients.

    “Helping other people gives me satisfaction,” he says. “When I see their improvement, that’s the best gratification I can get.”

    When asked about the most important quality a doctor can possess, a smiling Mojarad says, “compassion.”

    “It impacts the way we understand patients and address their issues,” he says. “It may seem that in today’s health care system there’s not enough time; but we need to make the time and relate to patients as people, so they know we care and are concerned.”

    A 17-year veteran at Eisenhower Medical Center, Dr.Mojarad serves as President of the Medical Staff and has just as much to be proud of in his personal life as he does in his profession. The 58-year-old doctor has been married for 21 years to his wife Donna, who also works at Eisenhower Medical Center as a registered nurse. The couple has two children.

    When he’s not busy with patients, Dr. Mojarad can be found playing tennis, listening to classical music or horseback riding at the Ivy Ranch in Thousand Palms, a great hobby he enjoys with his family on a regular basis.

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