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  • Physician of the Month March 2013

    Sofia Peterson, MD

    Dr. Peterson is a very friendly competent physician who always has a moment to teach her staff in the Wound Care Clinic, teach and empower her patients in wound care, and ensure the patients receiving wound VACs or home care for their wounds are being properly managed. We have one patient who has been coming for several months D/T evolving wounds. Dr. Peterson prescribed some oral antibiotics to prevent this patient from having to get IV ABX. Dr. Peterson spent several hours on the phone with the insurance company, Drug Company, and compounding pharmacy to line this up. The patient had Oasis and they were requiring more and more information about the patient’s condition before they would okay the Zyvox. The patient eventually was able to get the Zyvox, thus averting the patient further medical procedures (PICC line, IV ABX). And ensuring the patient had the best outcome. The patient was very grateful, and this RN has a lot of admiration for Dr. Peterson, her dedication to her family, patients, Wound Care Clinic and the community.

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