• President’s Message Jul - Aug 2005

    G. Aubrey SerflingPresident and Chief Executive OfficerEisenhower Medical Center
    G. Aubrey SerflingPresident and Chief Executive OfficerEisenhower Medical Center
    It is with great pleasure that this issue of Healthy Living takes a broad look at the many health care issues facing our country. I am honored that Congresswoman Mary Bono, who was recently appointed to the Health Subcommittee, took time from her extraordinarily busy schedule to meet with us and highlight the latest health care news in Hot Off The Hill.An ardent advocate for our community, Congresswoman Bono explains, in straightforward terms, complex health care issues ranging from stem cells, to prescription drugs, to HIV/AIDS, to obesity.

    Highlighting Healthy Living, our cover story takes us up-close with the Congresswoman and her husband, Glenn Baxley, to learn how they both balance careers, family, and healthy lifestyles. It is a struggle that is familiar to many people, and in Mary Bono Beyond Politics – Finding Balance, Mary and Glenn candidly discuss how they manage extremely dynamic lives, de-stress, stay fit, and find balance.

    In addition, Healthy Living addresses the critical issue of cholesterol. In this country, more than 105 million people have elevated cholesterol, and of these, 37 million people have high cholesterol. Healthy Living’s Physicians Roundtable presents the newest information on cholesterol and heart disease. Three cardiologists from Eisenhower Medical Center, Drs. Sontz, Shaeffer and Shaver, define the new cholesterol levels, demystify HDL and LDL, and discuss statins and other medications available for lowering cholesterol.

    Remember that Eisenhower Medical Center exists for this community. Each and every day,we live Eisenhower’s mission – to serve mankind with a selfless passion for excellence in patient care, research, and education.

    Be well, and know that we are here for you.

    Yours in good health,


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