In 2005, the Arnold Palmer Prostate Center at Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer was the first center in the world to combine the use of External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBT) with brachytherapy (a process of implanting small radioactive seeds in the prostate) using a powerful new cancerdestroying isotope called Cesium-131. Now, the Arnold Palmer Prostate Center is participating in an observational study that tracks outcomes of the combined therapies among intermediate and highrisk prostate cancer patients.

    The combination of EBT with brachytherapy using Cesium-131 has had a high success rate in prostate cancer patients, particularly in the early stages of the disease. “Cesium is an aggressive isotope that gives radiation at an accelerated rate,” says John Stevenson, MD,Medical Director, Arnold Palmer Prostate Center. “This study allows us to formally examine how we can optimize the use of Cesium in higher risk cases of prostate cancer.”

    Dr. Stevenson values the center’s role in the study, which will include both treatment response data and information from the patients regarding their quality of life following treatment with the combined therapy. “Our own findings so far and this new study reinforce that the Arnold Palmer Prostate Center selected the right category of patient to receive this combined treatment two years ago,” Stevenson notes. The Arnold Palmer Prostate Center’s data will be compiled with data from institutions such as the Seattle Prostate Institute and the Chicago Prostate Center and will allow for future comparison studies of Cesium to other isotopes. Stevenson continues, “This research protocol will help us continue to bring the most innovative and effective treatments to our patients.”

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