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  • Shining Stars of the Month May 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    • AWARDED TO:  Matthew Pages                        
    • RECOGNIZED BY:  Caroline Williams           
    • SITUATION/TASK:  An outside transport company employee came to pick up Matt’s patient for radiation mask fitting. 
    • ACTION:   Matt contested the request, stating that it didn’t match his patient diagnosis.  I overheard the transportation person asking if Matt knew his patients plan of care.  Matt stuck to his guns and would not allow the patient to go until he checked with the doctor.
    • RESULT:  Transport person called his company and said the nurse was refusing to let the patient go.  At some point during this conversation it was discovered that in fact the transporter had been given the wrong patient information.  Matt prevented the patient from being transported unnecessarily.


    • AWARDED TO: Katy Hentz               
    • RECOGNIZED BY:  Lloyd Shigenaga
    • SITUATION/TASK:   After performing our Safety inspection in Nutritional Services, Katy and I encountered a volunteer attempting to placate a patient who seemed very distraught.  To make matters worse, the incident was occurring in the main hospital lobby, which attracted much attention.  The patient appeared quite distressed and did not seem very stable which made the situation very tense. 
    • ACTION:  By now there were two volunteers trying to assist the patient but everything they did was not calming the patient. Katy stepped in and began to speak to the patient with a soft gentle voice.  She was very soothing and attentive and the patient began to calm down and bond with Katy.  Katy assured her that everything was going to be fine and her distress would be alleviated if she calmed down and told Katy what she needed.  Katy noticed that the patient was not capable of doing this one her own so Katy volunteered to drive her to her home safely.  The patient agreed and they arrived safely at the patient’s home.
    • RESULT:  Katy, within a short time, engaged the patient, assessed the situation and took action that calmed and protected the patient.  She also took her time to make sure the patient arrived home safely and did not endanger others. Her calm, trusting manner changed a potentially volatile situation into a positive experience for everyone.  Both the patient and the public were protected because of Katy’s actions.


    • AWARDED TO:  Liz Siino & Joey       
    • RECOGNIZED BY:  Ali Tourkaman & Aubrey Serfling
    • SITUATION/TASK:  EMC’s increasing duck and geese population has created serious health and safety issues for both our patients and staff.
    • ACTION:  Liz volunteered to take time from her already busy schedule to work with and care for our new “Goose Dog” Joey.  Joey is specially trained to chase, but not harm the water fowl.
    • RESULT:   Thanks to Liz and Joey there has been a notable improvement in our duck and geese population, making our campus a more safe and healthy environment for everyone.  Annual cost savings approximately $40K.


    • AWARDED TO:  Joanna Maruszewska    
    • RECOGNIZED BY:  Family Member of one of her patients
    • SITUATION/TASK: I received a call from the son of one of our patients who was dying.  He wanted to thank me for the nursing care his mother was receiving.  He was unable to come down (he lived up north) and stated he would be forever grateful to Joanna.  Joanna had worked very hard to insure that her patient was as comfortable as possible, however the patient continued to be very agitated.  Joanna, a new grad, having exhausted every possible option in helping the patient to calm down, asked the patient, “Is there something that you need, something else I can do for you?”  The patient managed to tell her she had a son that she wanted to talk to.
    • ACTION:  Joanna was able to locate this son, got him on the phone.  The mother’s last wish was granted; she got to speak to her son.
    • RESULT:   She passed away about 24 hours later, much calmer than she had been the day before.


    • AWARDED TO:  Amanda Gross
    • RECOGNIZED BY:  Cathie Davis              
    • SITUATION/TASK:  A patient began having a drastic change in her vital signs, the patient’s pulse was 165, her temp 103 and her respiration became rapid and shallow.
    • ACTION:   Amanda went to her supervisor and reported the vital signs.  It was during A.M. report and her RN was busy, so Amanda reported to the Charge Nurse.
    • RESULT:  The patient was sent to CT, where it was determined the patient had a pulmonary embolism.  The patient was eventually sent to ICU.  Amanda is an outstanding patient advocate.

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