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  • Shining Stars October 2011

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   Josefina Guerrero and Paul Lebeau
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Bev Ingelson / Celine Kaiser

    SITUATION/TASK: An event occurred in the surgical service area about 4 years ago. The team that was involved in the event attended a Root Cause Analysis. 

    ACTION:  The team defined several processes during the Root Cause Analysis that needed to be improved, so that a repeat event did not occur.

    RESULT: Recently, Josefina and Paul attended the Quarterly Leadership Meeting and shared their stories in front of approximately 100 leaders.  Their willingness to discuss the events that occurred, helps improve EMC’s culture of patient safety.


    AWARDED TO:   Elaine Alexander

    SITUATION/TASK:  On 10/22/11 in ICU 3. A patient seemed awake, alert and oriented. However, he decided to unplug himself and go to the restroom. As the EKG monitor went off I called out to the RN’s Lori and Elaine who were nearby. I then watched the patient on the security camera monitor. He was laying flat in the bed looking peaceful under the covers as he pulled off everything attached to him. Then he pulled back the sheet covering him and grabbed the bed rail. He lay there nice and quiet for a moment as if to take a big breath. With one movement he pulled himself over the bed rail and as soon as his feet hit the floor he took the 3 or 4 steps and was in the bathroom closing the door behind. It took less time to do than to write about it.

    ACTION:  As soon as the patient was off the EKG monitor I called out to the nurse and as I watched on, Elaine the ICU team leader jumped to her feet as she could. She rushed to the room and as she reached the outer door of the isolation room the patient opened the door to the to restroom inside the room. One of the things the patient decided to pull out was a femoral line from where he was bleeding.  It was like water through a fire hose. Elaine called for help as she went through the inner door and instantly assessed the situation. Elaine Alexander, RN Lori Gardner, RN Jessica Fields, RN Taina, Respatory Sue Fredrick were all there to help. Everyone in ICU 3 moved to help as well to do what ever they could. Dr Bencheqroun who in the ICU 3 also rushed in to help as well.

    RESULT: Because of Elaine’s fast action to take control of this situation the patient was moved back to his bed and the bleeding was stopped. Her fast actions saved the patient’s life. He did not even need a blood transfusion. However, if he was allowed to sit on the toilet for a moment longer bleeding out from that line he had pulled it could have been a different story altogether.


    AWARDED TO:  James Buxton
    RECOGNIZED BY: Ashley Beltz
    SITUATION/TASK:  Jim's patient finished his blood draw and Jim was walking him out when the patient stated he need to take a seat for a minute. The patient then passed out and Jim reacted right away.  He called for me and my coworker (a fellow registrar), to call 911 and get the patient a bottle of water. Jim stayed with the gentlemen for over a half hour keeping him alert and was there the whole time while the paramedics were checking him out.

    ACTION: The patient was very shaken up and alarmed when he came to and realized what was done. Jim was able to keep him calm and explain to him what happened and that he needs to stay with us a little while longer while we get him re-hydrated and feeling better.

    RESULT:  If Jim weren't here that patient could have either collapsed onto the floor or the parking lot potentially causing himself more harm.


    AWARDED TO: Dr. Debra Kuracina
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Carol Anderson
    SITUATION/TASK: I was so impressed with the care and understanding that I received by Dr. Debra Kuracina. I have never felt that much interest in me by a doctor. She listened carefully and gave me a chance to talk with her.

    ACTION: She gave me clear and understandable advice and instructions. She followed up with me the next day after the ultrasound. She was encouraging!

    RESULT: The amazing thing that has resulted for me is a determination to take better care of my body and become healthier. She inspired me. This was unlike any Urgent Care visit I have ever had. It seemed personal and very good.

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