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  • Shining Stars April 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Dustin Powell/Cardiology
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Ralph Azevedo
    SITUATION/TASK:  Patient 300 – 3 North tele box not working. Changed box twice. Bio-med called in. Patients’ rhythm was showing Afib – flutter with pause. Bio-med said not our tele box. EKG two day’s before showed SR.  I asked EKG tech to do EKG for me.

    ACTION:  Dustin was on duty that day. When he showed me 12 lead EKG he told me patient looked like patient has neuro spinal stimulator placement.  This was why the patient rhythm was wrong. EKG showed SR.
    RESULT:  Thanks to Dustin’s understanding of 12 lead EKG’s help out floor and our patient care.  If we had not known this, this could have cause meds and testing to be done.  Thank you Dustin.


    AWARDED TO:  Brooke Jacobsen & Tommie Wright Cardiology
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Cindy Olson

    SITUATION/TASK:  I received a phone call from the Cardiology Department stating that there were images that they wanted me to see, so I walked over to the Echo Lab.  Tommie had just completed an exam on a patient whose diagnosis was “shortness of breath.” Tommie advised her co-worker Brooke of the finds and immediately called Dr. Hackshaw.  She told him “You have got to leave your office and come right away.”  He did, as well as Dr. Wilson, Dr. Mitruka and Dr. Patel.

    The quick actions of these 2 exceptional professionals made in difference in our patient’s life.

    This patient had a HUGE clot in her right atrium; it almost filled the entire atrium.  She was consented for open-heart surgery.  Just moving our patient from the gurney to the OR table caused a piece of thrombus to move.  This was a true medical emergency, the patient was unstable and in danger of loosing her life.  The outstanding surgical team removed the clot from the patient’s pulmonary artery and right atrium

    Dr. Hackshaw called me the next day and said “these women truly saved this patient’s life by identifying the clot and telling me to come now.  Please nominate your 2 echo techs, Brooke and Tommie for a Shining Star and do something special for them.”

    We are educated about critical lab values and critical test results.  We have national patient safety goals…FOR A REASON!  Critical results need urgent responses.  Tommie and Brooke, care about their work, care about their patients and are passionate about obtaining the best exam to aid the physician’s diagnosis and treatment.  This is truly an excellent example of Clinical Excellence.

    Thank you Tommie and Brooke for your outstanding work.
    I celebrate each of you!


    AWARDED TO:  Don Kaczmarek/Argyros Clinical Lab
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:  An elderly gentleman using a walker was having difficulty navigating while his wife went to get their car.  Below is an email I received from Carol Morris, Concierge at Argyros Health Center, who witnessed the following:

    ACTION:  Don is a good man. Just one example and there are many.  We had a patient and his wife yesterday.  He was using a walker and was having a hard time.  I escorted him into the lab along with his wife.  On the way out, his wife went to get the car and the man was on his own.  Don walked him from the lab to his car and just walked by his side all they way.  The extraordinary part was that the walk tool appox. 15 minutes and Don didn’t rush him along; he was just so patient and encouraging.  The man was getting so mad at himself because his legs would do what is brain was telling it to do (that’s my take and I have no medical background).  He did his best to allow the gentleman as much dignity as possible in the situation.  It touched my heart…Carol

    RESULT:  Carol summed it up perfectly.  Don assisted this gentleman, while allowing him as much dignity as possible.  This is just one example of the kindness and sensitivity Don extends to all patients.


    AWARDED TO: George Landon Merritt/ED
    RECOGNIZED BY:   Lynnette Leopold

    SITUATION/TASK:  During “season” in the emergency department we have a lot of pretty busy and challenging nights.

    ACTION:  Everyday that Landon is here, he is always assisting the patients, physicians, and nursing staff in so many ways.  He assures that rooms are cleaned immediately after the patients are discharged which helps with patient turnover.  Landon never complains and even requests to be in the busiest and most challenging zone in the ED.  Landon is able to anticipate the needs of the physicians and nursing staff.  He asks the nurse frequently if they are “ok” or need anything from him.

    RESULT:   Thanks to Landon the patients have their needs met in a timely manner and their length of stay is shorter.  The nursing staff looks forward to working with him and appreciates his hard work.  I have even had physicians ask for Landon to be placed in their zone.  Landon makes a busy night more pleasant for EVERYONE involved.


    AWARDED TO:  Betty Slimko/3 South

    RECOGNIZED BY:  David Peel 

    SITUATION/TASK:  10 hours into a 12 hour shift Betty received an elderly 79 year old patient from the ER in severe respiratory distress.  The man was on Bipap oxygen support,  He was extremely anxious and agitated.  Within minutes of the arrival his agitated state increased, he became violent pulling off his oxygen mask and telemetry monitoring leads screaming and trying to climb out of bed.  He was out of control!

    Action: Betty remained calm and spoke softly, politely to the patient.  She utilized her nursing assistant to stay with the man while she contacted her Respiratory Therapist, attending MD and the patient’s daughter.  Betty then returned to the room and spoke reassuringly with the man, comforting him while the R.T. gave therapy.  She sat on the bed with him and asked the patient if it was okay to give him medication to help him relax and ease his breathing difficulties.  She administered the mediations all the while explaining what she was doing and comforting him and advising him that his daughters were on their way to be with him.  Betty did not leave the patients side until the man’s daughters arrived.  Betty then explained in detail all the events and actions she had taken and answered their questions.

    Results:  Betty’s actions prevented the patient from becoming agitated and possible respiratory arrest requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation.  Her actions delivered in a caring, compassionate manner saved the patient from an ICU admission. The patient and his daughters expressed to me many thanks for Betty’s excellent nursing care.

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