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  • Shining Stars of the Month January 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Christine Chapman

    RECOGNIZED BY: Dr. Cantilena

    A patient here for surgery required an unplanned admission. She was extremely concerned about her dog that was unattended at home.

    Christie recognized how important it was to the patient to know her dog was going to be checked on. Christie offered to go to the patient’s home and let the dog out, feed it and return to inform the patient of the dog’s well being.

    Our patient was reassured her pet was cared for and therefore her recovery was improved. Christie’s actions are typical in how she creates a healing environment for her patients.


    AWARDED TO: Kathleen Emmuns

    RECOGNIZED BY: Wade Little

    Patient in 109 had severe septic shock with multiple titratable gtts at high rates, required crrt with 1:1 ratio and for 3 days was so unstable even with these therapies that her survival was surprising. As her RN for those 3 days shifts, I was overwhelmed by how sick she was. Kathy would personally come to the bedside at frequent intervals to ensure that I had the medications that were needed to keep her alive. Kathy personally made sure that at no point did this patient’s medication therapy halt.

    Kathy truly made it her personal mission to make my day as the Nurse flow smoothly and eliminated the stresses that can occur with that critical of a patient. Kathy was passionate about this patient’s care and survival. She demonstrated care and compassion for the patient and her survival, as well as my personal well being during a difficult time with truly one of the sickest patient’s that I have cared for.

    The young woman stabilized enough to be flown back to Chicago, where her 2 young children and all her friends and family could be close to her. We were able to send her home safely. There were a lot of MD’s, RN’s and ancillary people that helped in this patient’s survival, but Kathy in my opinion was one of the key people in those first days that ensured that she lived. Because of Kathy’s dedication, passion and support the young woman has a chance to live and see her son and daughter again.


    AWARDED TO: Dr. Barry Hackshaw

    RECOGNIZED BY: Lynn Hart

    Dr. Hackshaw was the physician champion for a team of nurses, administration and cardiologists who received 3 sets of cardiac orders for opportunity to achieve best practice standards for outpatients, reduce over utilization of diagnostic testing and reduce cost to the organization.

    The order sets were revised to reduce lab testing, orders by category of lost and frequency, and to reduce EKG ordering frequency. A letter was sent to the cardiology section to obtain agreement from the physicians. The new orders are being typeset.

    Once the order sets are implemented there is an estimated cost savings of over $150,000 per year for reagent supply costs. Thank you Dr. Hackshaw for your support.


    AWARDED TO: Sarah Salamone

    RECOGNIZED BY: Susan Ghera

    A few days after all lab results became available only via IkeMD, Sarah had printed the lab results out for one of our anesthesiologists. Sarah noted that patient ID info was only on the first page of results but not on subsequent pages.

    I sent an email to HIM, Lab and IS Directors to check into the concern. Others had also noted the missing patient identification. It has been determined that McKesson needs to resolve this for us.

    Sarah accurately identified an issue that could have resulted in lab results posting to the incorrect patient’s charts. Sarah notified her director so that others could be alerted of the issue and a solution founded.


    AWARDED TO: Rosa Garcia

    RECOGNIZED BY: Michelle Minkoff, Kathy McBride,

    Rosa exemplified compassion and caring at its best when she diligently sought to locate family for a comatose, near death patient in the Critical Care Unit.

    Against overwhelming odds, Rosa diligently pursued the identification of a family member for this unfortunate patient who could not speak for herself. Rosa worked tirelessly with law enforcement, social services and her colleagues to find the family.

    Due to Rosa’s wonderful effort, a family member was found who could voice the patient’s wishes. Without Rosa’s advocacy and diligence this patient would not have had the precious connection family provides.

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