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  • Shining Stars of the Month February 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Cesar Davlantes, Patrick Meloy, Susan Ghera, Miguel Padilla, Jamie Gonzalez and Lisa Berg, Dr. Joseph Wilson, Dr. Surindra Mitruka, Taina Allen

    RECOGNIZED BY: Tiffany Bell Davlantes

    On January 22 at approx 1445 the ED received a 15-year-old full arrest patient. Full arrest patients are not unusual in the ED environment; a 15 year old certainly gets our attention. The ED team called ICU for backup support regarding a transvenous pacer prior to the arrival of the patient. Jaime the ICU Charge Nurse immediately came down to the ED with equipment to assist with this procedure if necessary.

    The ED team worked on this patient for approx 40 minutes, getting a pulse back, and then losing it again. When we exhausted all ED options, the ED physician decided to call Dr. Wilson, Cardiothoracic surgeon to assist with placement of pacing wires when transcutaneous pacing was unsuccessful. Dr. Wilson arrived very quickly. The ICU director Lisa Berg and another ICU nurse arrived with more equipment and assumed responsibility for rapidly infusing blood products. The decision to open the patient’s chest happened very quickly. Dr. Mitruka and members of the OR heart team also arrived to assist in the resuscitation of this child. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Mitruka calmly and effortlessly opened this child’s chest and performed open cardiac massage and defibrillation as well as placed cardiac pacing leads directly into the heart. Dr. Saunder anesthesiologist, arrived, assessed the situation and dropped a cordis into the patient to provide further vascular access.

    Although the outcome of this resuscitation was not successful the collaboration between 3 completely different specialty areas was amazing to witness. A situation that could have been chaotic and uncontrollable was calm and controlled with everyone seeming to know exactly what his or her role was. The respect for each person’s role and responsibility was assumed and acknowledged with unspoken words. Many times when we are forced out of our comfort zone or area we display attitude and displeasure. This was not the case in this situation. There was only a display of professionalism and excellence from a diverse group of skilled providers seeking a common goal of saving this child.

    I would like to recognize the ICU staff and open-heart team for their incredible support and assistance with this very difficult pediatric resuscitation.


    AWARDED TO: Maria Mendez

    RECOGNIZED BY: Terri Sproats/RN & Craig Ronald (Patient)

    This is from a confused patient who wanted to recognize Maria Mendez (Nursing Assistant) who was assigned his little sitter.

    Patient was upset and although confused, he thought his previous sitter was “out to get him”. We changed his sitter to Maria

    Maria embraced patient with kindness and caring, alleviating his agitation over previous sitter. He tells me he was impressed with her thoroughness and professionalism. More importantly, patient was initially agitated, combative, paranoid, attempting to climb out of bed, call 911, you name it, he did it. Maria was able to totally turn his mood around to content and compliant.


    AWARDED TO: Dolly Rivera

    RECOGNIZED BY:Debbie L. & Elsa Almazan

    Dolly has worked on our floor several different times. She is efficient, caring and treats patients and staff with a kind manner. Watching her work at times amazes me as with only one arm she gets as much done as most people with two arms.

    She never complains, is independent and always cheerful. It makes me ashamed of my occasional whining.

    It makes us proud of EMC that provides everyone, willing, an equal opportunity to work and to work with dignity.


    AWARDED TO: Delroy Lehman

    RECOGNIZED BY: Maureen Foreman

    A patient, who had Dell for an RN while she was here, told me that Dell was “one of the most special people she had ever met”.

    She said that Dell had been so “caring and concerned” about her during her stay that she felt she “knew him all her life”.

    Patient was tearful on leaving the hospital saying she just “couldn’t believe that anyone could be so caring” and asked me to make sure I told Dell how much his care had meant to her.

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