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  • Dolores Hope Donates Two Million Dollars to Eisenhower Medical Center

    The late Dolores Hope, founding President and Chairman of the Board of Eisenhower Medical Center, has made a generous two million dollar donation to the organization.

    “Dolores Hope was a passionate supporter of not only Eisenhower Medical Center, but also the desert community,” says Betty Wolf, Vice President, Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation. “This gift is a testament to Mrs. Hope’s incredible kindness, as it will be used to help every patient we serve. We are honored to be the recipient of her generosity.”

    One million of the gift will be donated to Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center in honor of John and Lucy Curci, both of whom were dear friends of Mrs. Hope. Always the humanitarian, Mrs. Hope directed that the remaining one million donated to Eisenhower Medical Center is to be used to care for those in need.

    Mrs. Hope’s long and rich history with Eisenhower Medical Center began in 1966, when she and Bob Hope generously donated the original 80 acres of land that is now the main campus for Eisenhower Medical Center. In 1969, Mrs. Hope gathered a small group of women at her home for tea to found the Eisenhower Medical Center Auxiliary. She encouraged each of them to bring friends into the fold. Today, the Eisenhower Auxiliary boasts more than 1,400 members and 780 active volunteers and is one of the most successful volunteer organizations of its kind in the world.

    “My mother never waivered in her support for Eisenhower Medical Center,” says Linda Hope. “This donation was her way of saying thank you to the community she loved and lived in for many years — by helping to ensure the future of the area’s only non-profit hospital she helped found.”
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