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  • Shining Stars October 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Chris Simeone/Morrison
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Julie Fontana

    SITUATION/TASK:  I have multiple server food allergies and have an extreme restricted diet. I needed to be on a clear liquid diet, a soft food diet, and of course my regular diet, which is a challenge in itself.

    ACTION:  Chris came up to my room, let me read nutritional information and ingredients, made special food for me to ensure that I still could get what I needed and checked in on me regularly to make sure that everything was all right

    RESULT:   I was able to eat and not have allergic reactions, maintain my diet, and eliminated stress on me during my stay. He should be commended for his compassion and concern for my health. My family and I really appreciate it.


    AWARDED TO:  Lorraine Hushaw-Jallen/Laboratory
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Dave Rice and Frances Perez

    SITUATION/TASK: Imagine your taking a break outside the Dolores Hope building; when you see a plain envelope on the sidewalk, you bend down to pick it up.  To your surprise you find hundreds of dollars there, with no identification.  You look around and there is no one in site.  That’s exactly what happen to Lorraine Hushaw-Jallen.

    ACTION:  In these times of hardship and economic difficulties everyone has tightened their belt, and a windfall could benefit almost anyone.  But, Lorraine’s moral character was never in question, and without hesitation, she sought out someone to notify.  She asked the receptionist in the Dolores Hope lobby, she tried to find her supervisor, and finally she took the envelope to her Laboratory Director, Laura Mohlenhoff.  Lorraine is a long-term valued employee, one that is dedicated to her job. One that goes out of her way each day to show patients compassion and provide caring service. Lorraine’s actions and compulsion to do the right thing is a testament to her honesty, a reflection of her character, and demonstrates her strong moral values.

    RESULT:  The woman who lost the money was frantic, of course, and after asking the DHL registration team was guided to Laura’s office and retrieved the envelope.  The final shinning moment was when the extremely grateful women explained that just recently she had lost her husband and the money was to help pay for the funeral.  Lorraine’s moral character makes me glad that Eisenhower has this type of quality employees, and proud that she is part of the laboratory team.


    AWARDED TO:  Toni Relerford/Business Office      
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Dona Connelly

    SITUATION/TASK:  The hospital has contracted with an outside firm to assist in the appeal process surrounding our Medicare disproportionate share reimbursement. It was felt that we were owed additional funds that Medicare initially did not pay, so we are pursuing these funds through appeals.

    ACTION:  The initial set of appeals involved fiscal years 2003 through 2005, so the challenge was obtaining the necessary documentation to support our claims. Toni worked closely with the outside firm pulling all the needed information, which required a lot of digging around old files and a lot of research on her part.

    RESULT:   As a result of all of Toni’s hard work and dedication, the firm was able to support our appeals with the fiscal intermediary. Their audits found our data to be 100% clean and they have agreed with all of our submissions. The resulting payments to the hospital for these three years will be nearly $2.5 million dollars thanks in a large part to Toni’s efforts. She is truly a Five Star employee!


    AWARDED TO: Danielle Meglio/Occ. Theraphy Lakeview
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Luella Grangaad

    SITUATION/TASK: A patient with lymphedema was being seen in OT. The patient had significant involvement and needed supplies and equipment to carry on her program at home. Usually these supplies and equipment are not covered by insurance. During the treatment time the patients insurance coverage also changed, creating more problems. As treatment proceeded it was apparent that the patients’ spouse was unable to provide the follow-up services required to help maintain what was taught in therapy. It was important that the patient have the equipment to carry on her treatment since she didn’t have her spouse to do manual therapy. The patient was probably going to have to pay for the devices out of pocket. In addition this patient had very poor mobility and as the swelling worsened she had more and more difficulty ambulating and caring for herself.

    ACTION:  Danielle took on the responsibility of researching available pneumatic pumps for home use. Calling all types of vendors and researching coverage. In addition, she helped arrange for the patient to get compression stockings, which had to be custom ordered and required our staff to measure. This patient was very anxious calling sometimes 3-4 times a day asking the status of her equipment and if Danielle had contacted whoever. In addition the patient was being pushed by family to get this equipment and this employee worked with this very stressful family to assure that the patient got the resources to obtain the proper equipment and devices to control her lymphedema. Danielle also followed up with the different doctor’s offices to assure that the proper forms, prescriptions and authorizations were completed. Often forms were lost and had to be resent. Much of this work was done after the patient had been discharge from our services.
    But our employee supported the patient and her family continuously throughout the process until there was closure.

    RESULT:  The patient finally received her stockings which she was very pleased with. After many months of waiting and work the patient called our office to tell us she received her pump and her insurance had covered it. She was so happy she was crying when she called the department secretary and told her how thankful she was for Danielle’s assistance. Due to Danielle’s tenacity this patient received the equipment required to maintain and control lypmhedema. If this hadn’t been done the patient was at risk for developing infection, worsening her condition and decreasing mobility, which would have significantly decreased her quality of life


    AWARDED TO:  Richard Townson/Respiratory Care

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Dennis Oeding

    SITUATION/TASK:  After work, Richard noticed smoke coming from a car in Annenberg Parking lot. Looking closer, he saw flames and got a fire extinguisher and extinguished the flames.

    ACTION:   Richard risked injury to extinguish the flames.

    RESULT:  Further damage to the car and possibly spreading to other cars and trees was averted by Richard’s actions.

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