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  • Shining Stars November 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Jennifer Padilla EDT & Pricilla Rojas EDT Emergency Department
    RECOGNIZED BY: Frank Pulara, SW

    SITUATION/TASK: Frank, our EMC Social Worker, had cared for a 49-year-old patient, who was admitted twice to our facility on October 31st and again on November 3rd for chest pain with secondary severe depression. This gentleman was in a very difficult position in his life, without insurance, no family, or job, struggling financially to stay in his home. This patient had been thoroughly evaluated by our psychiatrist and Frank. He was ultimately deemed safe for discharge after treatment on both occasions with resources for follow-up care. On November 4th, Frank received a call from this man stating he was severely depressed expressing to Frank a desperation in having no job and that he was expecting to be evicted from his home. Frank’s experience told him that there was something very concerning about the way that this individual was reaching out on this day, he felt at this point this man was crying out for help. Frank advised the man he would call him right back. He then immediately contacted the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and spoke with dispatch worker, Gary.  Frank’s goal was to have a police officer check on this individual to insure his safety.

    Per the dispatcher, a call had already been received from someone by the name of “Priscilla” at EMC and that Sheriff’s were already responding to the individual’s home. Frank was curious to know who this “Priscilla” person was. He contacted the operator and even his Supervisor but no one could recall anyone by that name serving at EMC.

    Frank contacted the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and spoke with Gary inquiring about what had transpired with this individual. He advised the Sheriff’s responded to the individual’s home after a call from Priscilla in the Tennity Emergency Department and the officer took the individual to Oasis Emergency Mental Health Services in Indio.

    Frank spoke with Lucy there who reported she received the patient there, that he was safe, and that he was placed on a 5150 certification for his protection as posing a danger to self. It was a great relief to Frank knowing that this man was safe and getting the help needed.

    Frank looked for Priscilla in the ER to give her an update, but she had left for the day. He spoke with Jennifer Padilla, EDT. Jennifer told Frank that this desperate gentleman had contacted her after speaking with Frank and that Priscilla had contacted 911 while Jennifer remained on the phone with this individual until the Sheriff’s arrived. Frank believes that without Jennifer and Pricilla’s quick thinking and teamwork, this individual could or would have potentially committed suicide. Fortunately his life was saved. Priscilla and Jennifer truly demonstrated the qualities of PROFESSIONALISM and CLINICAL/PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE.

    AWARDED TO:  Ali Tourkaman/Administration

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Katy Hentz

    SITUATION/TASK:  Katy writes, Ali is a Shining Star every day. With all the construction and remodeling going on under the watchful eye of Ali. I am amazed how calm, cool and collected Ali always appears. Every interaction with Ali regarding construction, remodeling and expansion has always been very positive. He allows everyone involved a voice in the decision making process. He keeps everyone on track. Most of all, he does not make us Nurses feel inferior, because we don’t know Federal and State building regulations. He always has options to accommodate our needs.  Thanks Ali!


    AWARDED TO: Gloria Cabanillas/Admitting/Registration Emergency Department

    RECOGNIZED BY:   Jessica Scott/Mark Burke

    Situation/Task:  Mother and five children presented to the Emergency Department in need of medical attention. It was discovered that they were homeless and living out of their car.
    Action:  Gloria had some gift certificates in her possession and approached her lead Jessica, stating that she wanted to use these to the get the family some necessary items before they left.  They went to the store and purchased diapers, wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes for all of them, snacks for the kids, Tylenol, Motrin and some personal items for the mother.

    Result:  The mother was in tears when presented with these items that they desperately needed.  Gloria needs to be recognized for this great deed and her BIG HEART!


    AWARDED TO: Joseph “Randy” Hopkins

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Kim Ullrich

    SITUATION/TASK:  Randy recently spent approximately 4 hours at an employer Health Fair representing Eisenhower Occupational Health Services and EMC.  Throughout the year, our client companies ask us to participate in their employee health fairs often providing services such as body fat testing, etc. As an exempt employee Randy is often the one who willingly attends and does so many times after regular work hours and on Saturdays in support of our program and the Hospital.  He does this because he likes it, and also to avoid the department incurring overtime.  Although he has been selected for Efficiency, he also shines with Courtesy and Caring.

    ACTION:   The director received a note card recently from Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Human Resource Director regarding Randy’s recent participation in their fair. The card states as follows:

    Thank you for participating in our health fair and helping make it such a success.  We received many positive comments from Tribal Members and from employees what a meaningful experience the fair was to all who attended. We greatly appreciate your involvement.

    Thank you for the time and dedication you gave at this event. Randy, your customer service is the best! Eisenhower is very fortunate to have you as one their team members. I appreciate all that you have done on our behalf over the years!

    RESULT:  We are very fortunate to have Randy on our team. For all those times he does put in extra time to represent EMC at outside events so we don’t have to pay someone overtime, he needs to know he is appreciated for his time, his smile and his dedication. I try not to take for granted that this is such a simple thing – to attend a health fair. In reality, when you think about it, it takes someone with the right frame of mind with a happy and professional spirit. He is representing all of us to the community and is a shining star for it! Because of this attention to employer needs we have happy customers who keep coming back for more!

    AWARDED TO: Thomas Heitritter/Pharmacy;In-Patient
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Lyle Matthews & Annette Brown

    SITUATION/TASK:  During the HEO implementation process, an inadvertent error was made by the vendor that resulted in tens of thousands of transactions coming inbound to Horizon Med Manager (HMM). This influx of information caused the system to slow to a crawl. It affected he outbound messages to the Medication Robot (that fills the carts for the patients) as well as the outbound orders from HMM to the Nursing System (Care Organizer, AdminRx and IV Manage). Because of the information initiated by the vendor error, the system was running four hours behind in medication orders; this situation presented a serious patient safety issue for 187 patients.

    ACTION:   In an effort to correct this situation, Tom notified the appropriate personnel of this crucial problem and alerted the Division of Nursing to immediately assess all medication orders written after 1pm. Tom continuously monitored the situation through multiple emails and phone calls with the vendor until the situation was resolved by approximately 8:30pm. Tom continually updated nursing and made the best possible collaborative decision to implement the polices in place for nursing medication downtime. Tom audited the systems to validate the medication orders to ensure that the information was correctly processed, and he also confirmed that Connect Rx and Admin Rx was fully functional before the nurses returned to electronic documentation.

    Tom’s solid and efficient leadership style coupled with a calm reassurance guaranteed a safe care environment and assures safe medication management.

    RESULT:  Tom’s dedication and commitment to excellence illustrates the highest service standard for Eisenhower Medical Center. He can be credited with the complete success of the electronic documentation system coming back online after accurately documenting and recording the thousands of messages processed that day. The successful medication orders and entries totaled 21,529 orders for 187 patients. Tom, you exemplify the Five Star Service Standards, and we thank you for protecting our patients, staff and Eisenhower Medical Center.


    AWARDED TO:  Lyle Matthews/Pharmacy

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Leesa Booth

    Situation/Task:  A patient was to be discharged and had a prescription for controlled substance and outpatient pharmacy needed original prescription. The Patient’s wife is elderly and frail couldn’t walk it over.

    Action:  Lyle volunteered to come over to Renker Pavilion and pick up the prescription.

    Result:   The patient was able to get his prescription filled and take his medication home without the wife trying to find someone to get the prescriptions after being discharged.


    AWARDED TO: Cord Durham & Gus Flores-Hernandez/SPD

    SITUATION/TASK:  I had to deliver a pallet of extremely heavy equipment from the Receiving Dock to Information Systems on the 3rd floor of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Medical Building.  This process involved unloading many large, heavy boxes from the pallet to a dolly, taking to the 3rd floor, and unloading them again to the final destination.

    ACTION:  Cord and Gus happened to be going to a nearby building, and noticed that I was about to unload a large and cumbersome delivery. They stopped what they were doing, and offered to help me get the equipment to its destination.

    RESULT:  Cord and Gus realized that I could have experienced an injury from trying to lift such a heavy load on my own and jumped right in to assist me. Their sense of teamwork and recognition of a potentially unsafe situation helped to avoid one of the most common workplaces injuries – back pain.



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