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  • Shining Stars June/July 2011

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Anthony Martin
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:  A young patient had just had shots in the doctor’s office, and was coming down the elevator in the Probst building with his dad. As the elevator doors opened on the first floor, the father stepped out to leave. Behind him, his son started to faint, and began to fall.

    ACTION: Anthony happened to be in the elevator. He reacted quickly and calmly, by reaching out and grabbing the young fellow before he could hit the ground. The father then realized what had happened, and came back onto the elevator to assist.

    RESULT:  Because of Anthony’s quick reflexes, the patient did not fall and hurt himself. His calm demeanor through the entire incident is also to be commended. Great job, Anthony!


    AWARDED TO:  Monique Mester-Robertson
    RECOGNIZED BY: Rosa Lucas, FNP-C Mark Bayer, MD

    SITUATION/TASK: On 5/25/11, 3 days after passing ACLS, Monique entered her gym and noticed a commotion. She went to the where the crowd was gathered, and saw a man down on the ground.

    ACTION: At that point she followed the ACLS algorhythm; she asked if 911 had been called- it had been. Starting with checking breath, opening airway, checking pulse, she determined that CPR was needed. Another bystander, a retired fire chief, did rescue breathing, while she did chest compressions. She requested an AED during the CPR process; it was delivered and was then activated as the man down still had no heart rate. The AED analyzed and advised shock, which was given. CPR was resumed. The cycle continued at least 3 times before the paramedics came. The man survived.

    RESULT: Monique’s ACLS preparation through Eisenhower saved this man’s life.


    AWARDED TO:  Vincent Brooks and Socorro Caballero
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Colleen McGrath

    SITUATION/TASK:  A visitor called to leave a message for me about Coco and Vince. He was in the Kiewit building for an appointment and was walking to find Cafe 34. Coco saw him in the hallway and asked him if she could help him get where he was going (he is blind).  She walked him to Cafe 34. When they arrived, she assisted him in the Cafe helping him order his lunch and get everything he needed. She introduced him to Vincent, the cashier. Vincent assisted him to the table, set up his food and got everything he needed to eat his lunch. When the visitor was done eating, Vincent walked him back to the Kiewit building and made sure he was taken care of when he arrived. Both Vincent and Coco went above and beyond to make sure that the visitor had everything he needed. They treated him with respect and were very friendly and courteous. He wanted to be sure that we knew how lucky we were to have 2 such wonderful people working at Eisenhower Medical Center.

    ACTION: Coco and Vincent made sure that our guests were treated with respect. They were in the middle of taking care of other customers, but both of them stopped to make sure this one customer had everything he needed.

    RESULT:  The customer left that day and was so impressed by the service he received at Eisenhower Medical Center, he took the time to call my office to let me know how lucky I was to have 2 such wonderful people working in the department.


    AWARDED TO:   Penny Fiumara
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Louise White and Sherri Ferguson

    SITUATION/TASK: Penny works in the staffing office and in addition has successfully managed the ordering and delivering of uniforms for the nursing staff over the past several years. As everyone is aware of our financial challenges Penny evaluated the usage of uniforms and the reordering process. After she completed this overview she identified that the majority of staff do not reorder uniforms every year, and when asked state that they just do not need 5 sets a year.

    ACTION: She suggested to her Director and Administration the idea of changing the process from ordering new uniforms every year to every two years.

    RESULT: Uniforms cost the division of nursing approximately 100,000 per year. By changing the process to ordering new uniforms to every two years instead of every year, this is a savings of at least 100,000 over two years for the organization. Thank you Penny for this wonderful idea.


    AWARDED TO: Bob Wheeler
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Rhiannon Howell

    SITUATION/TASK: A visitor and his young child, who had come to see his mother in an ‘end of life’ situation, was told by the nurse that he could not take his child to visit the dying patient.

    ACTION: Bob knew that the man had driven with his child from Texas. He and the visitor observed another child being given permission to go to a patient’s room. Bob asked me if he could speak to the charge nurse and I agreed that he should give more details regarding the situation.

    RESULT: The charge nurse gave permission and the patient who had not been responsive, opened her eyes and saw her son and her grandchild.

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